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Jumanda Gakelebone in South Africa to discuss hunting ban

In Botswana, the indigenous San people have been accused of ‘poaching’ when they hunt for food on their ancestral lands in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve. President Khama imposed a nation-wide hunting ban in 2014, winning praise from international conservation organizations. “Hunting is a source of food for the San people, and their welfare is […]

Laureate elected to district council in Botswana

In October 2014, Jumanda Gakelebone, representative of 2005 Laureate First People of the Kalahari (FPK), was elected to the Ghangi District Council for a five-year term. As Councillor, he is able to bring his people’s developmental concerns and issues directly to local and national government authorities. Among the issues Gakelebone is taking up is Botswanan […]