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2014-02-03 Justice, the greatest debt of Paraguay’s democracy – an interview with Mart’n Almada

“For 25 years we have been struggling to build a true democracy. A time of great advances, but also of continuing challenges,” argues Martín Almada in an article dedicated to Paraguay’s celebration of the dictatorship’s fall. Taking a critical look at the country’s actual developments, the RLA Laureate (2002) also suggests solutions to the still […]

Martin Almada (Paraguay, RLA 2002)

Terror Files included in the ‘Memory of the World’ On July 31st, UNESCO announced the inclusion of the ‘Terror Files of Paraguay’ in the ‘Memory of the World’ register of the organization. Discovered by Martín Almada in 1992, the archives of terror document police repression during 35 years of Stroessner’s dictatorship.