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Zurich to become a blue community

The city parliament voted in favour of a proposal to have Zurich join the blue community, an international network initiated by Maude Barlow (RLA 2005). After Lucerne and the capital Bern, Zurich would be the 3rd town in Switzerland to join the initiative. As a blue community, Zurich would recognize water as a human right. […]

World Water Day

It is World Water Day today. Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005) works internationally for the right to water. She stated: “We need to declare water to be a common heritage, a public trust and a public service, and we need to support the government of Bolivia in its new move to declare that water must […]

Maude Barlow condemns Botswana’s treatment of Bushmen

Barlow, former UN water advisor, states: “Last week, the UN General Assembly declared that everyone, everywhere, has the right to water. But now the world witnesses one of Africa’s most prosperous countries denying its first inhabitants the right to sink a well, while promoting mining and safari camps just a few miles away.” Read more […]

Maude Barlow about UN declaration on right to water

The UN General Assembly has declared for the first time that water and sanitation is a fundamental human right. 122 countries supported the resolution, while over forty countries abstained from voting, including the United States, Canada and several European and other industrialized countries. Amy Goodman interviewed Maude Barlow on the significance of this declaration that […]

Maude Barlow advocating for right to water

An historic vote is coming up at the UN on July 28: the right to water as a basic universal human right. A draft, initiated by Bolivia, which recognises “the human right to water and sanitation,” will be presented to the UN General Assembly at the end of July. Opposition to the proposal is coming […]

Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005)

Maude Barlow lectured at the Cochabamba Climate Summit about ‘climate change, glaciers and human rights’. One of the topics was the deliberate destruction of Andean glaciers for mining projects by Canadian companies. Maude stated:”The issue of glacier melt is where climate justice and water justice come together. Water abuse is hurting the climate, and climate […]

Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005)

Running out of Water: Australia and California The global water crisis has hit Australia hard, but on the other side of the globe another “turn-water-into-wine”-state suffers from water shortage and loss of ecosystems, too: California. Climate change will enhance the problem: “a recipe for disaster”, Maude Barlow told the Scientific American. Read more