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Right Livelihood Award Foundation condemns listing Russia’s Memorial as “Foreign Agent”

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation unequivocally condemns the decision of Russia’s Ministry of Justice to place 2004 Right Livelihood Award Laureate Memorial International Historical and Human Rights Society on its list of organisations acting in a capacity of a foreign agent on 4 October 2016. From the time of its enactment in November 2012, the […]

Memorial: Dark Memories Bring Light to the Former USSR

25 February 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of Nikita Khrushchev’s secret speech at the XX Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. In that speech, Khrushchev denounced human rights abuses committed under his predecessor Joseph Stalin’s regime, opening the door to a process of rehabilitation for millions of victims. It triggered a wave […]

Memorial defies the law on “foreign agents”

The Russian federal Law on “Foreign Agents” came into effect November 20. Memorial (RLA 2004) earlier released a statement on the law, believing it to be illegal and amoral. Alongside many other human rights groups in Russia, Memorial has now decided to defy the new law, despite the threat of fines, a forced shutdown or, if prosecutors choose […]

Statement by Memorial on the Law on “Foreign Agents”

On November 20, the Russian federal Law on “Foreign Agents” will come into effect. Memorial (RLA 2004) has released a statement on the law, believing it to be illegal and amoral. “Illegal – because it gives the executive prerogative of the judicial – and amoral, because it a priori implies, that organisations, which get funded […]

Memorial chairman cleared of charges

Memorial (RLA 2004) chairman and human rights campaigner Oleg P. Orlov was cleared of defamation charges on June 14. Observers saw the charge filed by Chechen leader Ramzan A. Kadyrov as part of an effort to silence criticism. Orlov had accused Kadyrov of being responsible for the murder of his Memorial colleague, Natalya K. Estemirova. […]