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Ecuador rejected ASO’s offer to co-host the 2014 Dakar Rally

Ecuador is the first South American country to reject the Dakar Rally race, raising questions about its environmental and archaeological impact. Government officials came to the conclusion after examining the environmental effects the 2013 edition of the race had on Peru, Chile and Argentina. The decision is an important victory for Raúl Montenegro (RLA 2004, […]

Calls for investigation of Dakar Rally

Environmentalist organizations from Chile, Peru and Argentina are requesting their governments launch an investigation into the environmental and cultural damages caused by this year’s race and the overall legality of the event. Dr. Raúl Montenegro, President of FUNAM, says: “As more vehicles are involved, the travel is more extensive, the width of the routes is […]

Raœl Montenegro (Argentina, RLA 2004)

Penal claim filed against top officials for violating indigenous rights It seems that Argentinian police and elite members of the security forces violently repressed Mapuche indigenous people within their traditional land, which, if it is confirmed, would show that the government supports its illegal occupation. Raúl Montenegro announced that his organisation FUNAM was planning a […]