15/02/2013 News / Success for Survival International as gas giant backtracks

Success for Survival International as gas giant backtracks

Environment, Human Rights, 15/02/2013

Success for Survival International (RLA 1989) as the Argentine gas giant Pluspetrol has publicly backtracked on plans to expand the notorious Camisea gas project in southeast Peru. Their statement followed the media storm after a report leaked to British newspaper The Guardian revealed secret plans by Pluspetrol to explore for natural gas in an area inhabited by uncontacted tribes in southeast Peru.

The Camisea project is one of the biggest natural gas projects in the Amazon and is located in in an area known as ‘block 88’, the majority of which lies inside the Nahua-Nanti reserve for uncontacted Indians. Expanding Camisea’s operations would put uncontacted tribes living near the gas block at extreme risk from disease, and would threaten to push them away from their homes as they flee the noise and destruction of the project.

Survival’s Director Stephen Corry spoke of “a resounding success for the indigenous people of Manu National Park and their supporters around the world.”

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