Acceptance speech – Edward Goldsmith


The Right Livelihood Award Foundation Mourns the Loss of Justice C.G Weeramantry


Right Livelihood-stiftelsen söker kommunikations-praktikant vt 2017


Alternativer Nobelpreis 2010 - Treffen der Preisträger zum 30 jährigen Jubiläum - kursWechseln Konferenz in Bonn - Foto: Wolfgang Schmidt - www. wolfgang-schmidt - 18.9.2010 - The Right Livelihood Award -  Laureates - October 2010 - Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt Germany  Whitaker Ferreira, Chico, Brazil

Francisco “Chico” Whitaker Ferreira, Premio Nobel Alternativo 2006 “Las democracias se muestran incapaces de impedir que las peores opciones políticas se impongan”



100 Days since the Failed Coup in Turkey


Right Livelihood Award 2014 Stockholm Picture: Wolfgang Schmidt

Edward Snowden till Internetdagarna



Denis Mukwege till Sverige för filmpremiär


Right Livelihood Award Foundation condemns listing Russia’s Memorial as “Foreign Agent”



Colombia Peace Deal “great choice” for Nobel Peace Prize, but a long road to lasting peace still lies ahead



The Right Livelihood Award Foundation Mourns the Loss of the ‘Father of Permaculture’ Bill Mollison


Laureates featured images_0034s_0000_1_Edward_Snowden_credit_The_Guardian_HR

Snowden: A Reluctant Celebrity



Laureates of the 2016 Right Livelihood Award to be announced on 22 September



New Logo & Look for the Right Livelihood Award



Right Livelihood Award Laureates Celebrate Historic Verdict in Argentina



Tackling Zika, Naturally



Why end world hunger by 2030? We have the moral obligation to end it now: Swami Agnivesh



International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Dignity Comes First


Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

Music Breaks the Chains


La condamnation d’Hissène HabrŽé, une victoire pour le Tchad et l’Afrique entière


The Chernobyl Secret Protocols: Lies in the Aftermath of Disaster


Denis Mukwege: Rape As A Weapon Of War In The Democratic Republic of Congo


Hate Speech: A New Strategy Against Human Rights Defenders


Laureate Leads Historic Nuclear Disarmament Hearings at ICJ


Memorial: Dark Memories Bring Light to the Former USSR


Airways for Good: Celebrating World Radio Day


Laureates Issue Open Letter to King of Saudi Arabia


One Month Left Until 1 March Nomination Deadline


Laureates Hail Historic Paris Agreement on Climate Change


Laureates Show Solidarity with Patkar’s Protest


Los gobernantes hacen cada d’a menos caso a las demandas de los ciudadanos


Interview with Leonardo Boff about the Papal Encyclical on climate change


Letter of solidarity to Laureate Zafrullah Chowdhury


NSA surveillance programme reformed by new legislation


Hissne HabrŽ trial to begin on 20 July


LUCSUS report on global health and climate change published


Laureates react to Award to Golden Rice researchers by the White House


Habr鎒s agents convicted of torture


The Guardian launches new series on climate change


Declaration for International Women’s Day 2015 against GMO crops


Jumanda Gakelebone in South Africa to discuss hunting ban


McKibben to hold second Right Livelihood lecture at Santa Cruz


Laureate elected to district council in Botswana


International Energy Advisory Council launched


Founder of Lokayan (RLA 1985) dies at age 86


Panzi Hospital’s accounts seized


RLA Laureates on the UN climate talks in Lima


The impact of the 2014 Right Livelihood Awards


RLA solidarity mission to Gaza


Denis Mukwege receives 2014 Sakharov Prize


Right Livelihood Award Foundation releases new documentary about Nnimmo Bassey


Three RLA Laureates ask Pope Francis to take a stance against GMOs


No podemos volver a estar como est‡bamos Los palestinos exigimos que se nos reconozca como seres humanos


Joan Garces: ÒAlegr’a y esperanza para todos aquellos que en el mundo se inspiran en las AbuelasÓ


Laureates sign declaration on Gaza: “They are also our children.”


Gaza: “Violence has gone too long” – Raji Sourani


Father Gerard Pantin (Founder of SERVOL) passes away


Zurich to become a blue community


Juan Pablo Orrego fosters environmental victory in Chile


First Right Livelihood Lecture at RLC Santa Cruz campus


Parliaments towards a nuclear weapon free world


2014-02-03 Justice, the greatest debt of Paraguay’s democracy – an interview with Mart’n Almada


Paul Walker at Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony honouring OPCW


Zafrullah Chowdhury takes part in hunger strike for a peaceful Bangladesh free of political violence


Award Ceremony


The significance of Right Livelihood Award for the 2013 Laureates


Right Livelihood Award Foundation releases new documentary about Ruth Manorama


Right Livelihood College opens first campus in Latin America


Right Livelihood Laureates and members World Future Council demand immediate release of Greenpeace activits


Scientists Say ‘No Consensus on GMO Food Safety’


Right Livelihood Award Foundation organised Solidarity Visit to India


New RLA documentary – CAAT


2012 Annual Report published!


Laureates condemn nuclear power expansion plans


Mycle Schneider presents World Nuclear Industry Status Report


Poetry Festival of Medell’n starting today


India rejects Monsanto’s plant patent


Hissne HabrŽ to face war crimes trial


Regional Conference of Latin American Laureates


Global shock over World Food Prize to GMO executives


Nuclear report incites wake up call in Korea Times


Daniel Ellsberg speaks out for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden


New web app from CAAT reveals EU arms export info


Former dictator R’os Montt’s genocide verdict annulled


March Against Monsanto – May 25th


Ecuador rejected ASO’s offer to co-host the 2014 Dakar Rally


Asghar Ali Engineer passes away


Survival and CIMI call upon IACHR to save the Aw‡


Robert Jungk 100


Navdanya launches “No to GMO bananas” campaign


Laureates sign petition directed to government of Peru


Reports from 3rd and 4th day of solidarity visit in Brazil


Reports from solidarity visit in Brazil


RLA solidarity visit for Brazilian activists


New attempts of uprooting Bushmen


Sulak Sivaraksa participated in Thai TV Monarchy debate


Trident Ploughshares organises disarmament camp Aug 26 – Sep 7


RLC Bonn call for workshop scholarschips


Two Laureates speak out against nuclear reactor in Northern Argentina


CPT: Ongoing attacks and death threats


Several Laureates signed open letter in support of ongoing Columbian peace process


Success for Survival International as gas giant backtracks


Sankaralingam Jagannathan passes away at age of 100


Jacqueline Moudeina to represent victims in HabréŽ trial


Dutch Court Ruling Against Shell


MST leader Cicero Guedes killed


Calls for investigation of Dakar Rally


20 years ago: Mart’n Almada discovers Archives of Terror


Bianca Jagger says UN COP 18 climate talks fail to “turn down the heat”


CAAT calls for investigation of use of Swedish weapons in Burma military operations


Swami Agnivesh attacked in Bhopal


Memorial defies the law on “foreign agents”


Karaca’s court trial


New Book – Photo series about Right Livelihood Award Laureates


Some updates on SEKEM’s activities


RLA Solidarity Visit to Chad


New video portraits available


CAAT Protests end National Gallery’s arms trade links


“Teaching Right Livelihood” released


Statement by Memorial on the Law on “Foreign Agents”


The Silenced Majority: new book by Amy Goodman


Hissène HabréŽ: Senegal and AU agree on special tribune


Vandana Shiva: defending seed sovereignty


Chico Whitaker warns of ‘nuclear two class society’


World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012 published


Right Livelihood College Workshop in Bonn


Land grabbing in focus


Rosalie Bertell 1929-2012


Disarmament for Sustainable Developement


Back Seat Heroes – Photo Exhibition about our Laureates


The Economies of the Commons


Right Livelihood Award Laureates against Angra 3


Anti-nuclear action impact in Korea


Don’t invest in dirty oil


Uri Avnery comments on Administrative Detention


GRAIN releases new data on land grabbing


GRAIN recommends report on landgrabbing & water


NGOs want Hissne HabrŽ extradited to Belgium


Irregularities in HidroAysŽn approval


Senegal refuses to extradite Hissène HabrŽé


Huang Ming interviewed


Indigenous chief killed by gunmen


Interview with Camila Montecinos, member of GRAIN


16th Anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s killing


Article in German Handelsblatt


2011 Award Announcement


Wangari Maathai passes away


Water supply for Kalahari Bushmen


Asha Hagi Elmi: Help Somalia’s starving people


Dekha Ibrahim Abdi 1964 – 2011


Memorial chairman cleared of charges


RLA signed open letter on Geoengineering


Pentagon Papers officially released


Rachel Avnery 1932 – 2011


Governments in favour of huge dams


The foreseeability of nuclear disasters


Stop the Patagonian Megadams


Listen: Global responsibility


25th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster


Mother Earth Day


Mycle Schneider on energy and political power


Workshop scholarship for RLC event available


Juliano Mer-Khamis killed


Joint Statement on Japanese Nuclear Disaster


Belo Monte – The dialogue that never happened


World Water Day


Laureates Reaction to Japan Catastrophe


Daniel Ellsberg arrested


Open letter from Judge Weeramantry


Laureate organisation press conference


Nuclear accident in Japan


Laureate organisation ‘deeply concerned’


Chilean government defered to US demands


International Women’s Day


Nomination deadline comes closer!


Controversial Belo Monte Dam construction started


Shell hearing in Dutch Parliament


Right to water – victory in court


Frances Moore LappŽé receives Prize


RLC launches PhD Fellowships


Amory Lovins receives runner-up Zayed Prize


European of the Year 2011


Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria, RLA 2010) detained and later released


2010 Ceremony online


2010 Ceremony: Change from the grassroots


Upcoming: The 2010 Award Ceremony


COP16 to kick off in Cancun today


Christopher Weeramantry launches memoires


University launches lecture series on Laureates


2010 Laureates’ public program online


Ela Bhatt (India, RLA 1984) honored


Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa


Vandana Shiva on Geoengineering


Moratorium on Geoengineering Experiments


What you always wanted to ask


Ruchama Marton (Israel, RLA 2010) is interviewed by the BBC


Ellsberg interview on release of Iraq War docs


Sign petition to help the Kalahari’s Bushmen


Pat Mooney (Canada, RLA 1985) on geo-engineering


Hermann Scheer 1944-2010


2010 Right Livelihood Awards


Day three of the Anniversary Conference


Democracy Now! in Bonn


University of Bonn: Right Livelihood College Campus


The 30th Anniversary Conference commences


Day two of the Anniversary Conference


Laureates sign open letter to Botswana President


Maude Barlow condemns Botswana’s treatment of Bushmen


Maude Barlow about UN declaration on right to water


First People of the Kalahari denied access to water


Maude Barlow advocating for right to water


The Poetry Festival of Medell’n celebrates its 20th anniversary


News from the Right Livelihood College


First People of the Kalahari (Botswana, RLA 2005)


Amory Lovins (USA, RLA 1983)


Wangari Maathai (Kenya, RLA 1984)


Mordechai Vanunu (Israel, RLA 1987)


A note from the Climate Peoples’ Summit by Pat Mooney


Auction to support the Right Livelihood Award


Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005)


People’s climate summit in Bolivia


Pat Mooney (Canada, RLA 1985)


Alyn Ware (New Zealand, RLA 2009)


JosŽ Antonio Abreu (Venezuela, RLA 2001)


Amy Goodman (USA, RLA 2008)


Hermann Scheer (Germany, RLA 1999)


Cary Fowler (Norway, RLA 1985)


Vandana Shiva (India, RLA 1993)


Survival International (UK, RLA 1989)


Angie Zelter on tour in Sweden


Right Livelihood Council


Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004)


Nicanor Perlas (Phillipines, RLA 2003)


Right Livelihood Award Foundation


Survival International (RLA 1989)


Why Israel won’t attack Iran


SEWA / Ela Bhatt (India, RLA 1984)


Leonardo Boff (Brazil, RLA 2001)


Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005)


Alyn Ware (New Zealand, RLA 2009)


Suvival International (UK, RLA 1989)


David Suzuki (Canada, RLA 2009)


The Chipko Movement (India, RLA 1987)


Krishnammal and Sankaralingam Jagannathan (India)


Narmada Bachao Andolan (India, RLA 1991)


Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004)


Dekha Ibrahim Abdi (Kenya, RLA 2007)


Juan Garcés (Spain, RLA 1999)


Asha Hagi (Somalia, RLA 2008)


Daniel Ellsberg (USA, RLA 2006)


SEWA (India, RLA 1984)


Munir (Indonesia, RLA 2000)


Mycle Schneider (France, RLA 1997)


Edward Goldsmith (UK, RLA 1991)


Martin Green (Australia, RLA 2002)


FPK & Survival International


Martin Almada (Paraguay, RLA 2002)


Vandana Shiva (India, RLA 1993)


Bianca Jagger (Nicaragua, RLA 2004)


Raul Montenegro (Argentina, RLA 2004)


Raœl Montenegro (Argentina, RLA 2004)


Amory Lovins


Dekha Ibrahim Abdi & Herman Daly


David Suzuki steps off board of directors