National University of Cordoba

The Right Livelihood College is a network of ten universities on all continents and one global university network.

The Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, or National University of Cordoba (UNC) was founded in 1613 –the oldest university in Argentina and one of the oldest in all of Latin America.

The National University of Cordoba has a long history of promoting democracy and human rights. In June 1918, students at the University launched a movement to fight for truer democratization of the nation's academic faculties, which at the time were largely tied to political and religious institutions. Other national and regional universities soon followed, and Argentina went on to grant unprecedented autonomy to its universities following these reforms.

As of 2012, UNC employs 8,841 professors and 2,834 staff members, serving a student body of over 120,000 students. It features 13 Faculties, more than 100 research centers and laboratories, 25 libraries, 17 museums (including colonial areas and buildings recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO), 2 astronomical observatories, 2 hospitals, and many more centres of excellence.

The RLC campus is hosted by the Faculty of Psychology, which has more than 10,000 students enrolled. The campus was inaugurated in April 2016.

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