The University of Bonn

The Right Livelihood College is a network of ten universities on all continents and one global university network.

The University of Bonn is a public research university located in Bonn, Germany. Founded in its present form in 1818, as the linear successor of earlier academic institutions, the University of Bonn is today one of the leading universities in Germany. It offers a large number of undergraduate and graduate programmes in a range of subjects to its 31.000 students.

The Center for Development Research (ZEF), an independent research institute at the University of Bonn, became RLC campus in 2010. ZEF conducts interdisciplinary and applied research on crosscutting socio-political, economic and environmental problems in Africa, Asia and Latin America with the overall goal to contribute to sustainable development.

Since 1997, ZEF runs the PhD Program 'Bonn Interdisciplinary Graduate School for Development Research' which is unique in terms of its interdisciplinary set up, international character and size. More than 500 PhD students from more than 70 countries graduated in the ZEF doctoral programme so far. ZEF ranks among the worldwide top 10 of science and technology think tanks, according to the Think Thanks and Civil Societies Program of the International Relations Programme at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

Since 2014, RLC Campus Bonn hosts the Global Secretariat of the College.
For more information please visit the RLC Bonn website.

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