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The Right Livelihood Award Foundation's exhibitions and workshops are all about getting to know the Laureates and their work.

“who cares!”

Through the exhibition “who cares!” visitors get to know the names and faces of the Laureates, explore their personal commitments and achievements and, hopefully, feel encouraged and inspired to change the world for the better. Supported by Church of Sweden, “who cares!” has been showcased at different venues around Sweden since 2014 and continues to travel around the country.

Backstage Heroes

In 2010, German photographer Katharina Mouratidi portrayed 30 Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award. The project resulted in an inspiring book and exhibition. The latter is still travelling and, since its launch in 2012, has been shown in Germany, Austria and even in Aleppo, Syria, amidst ongoing fighting.

The photo series is called Backstage Heroes and was published in 2012. The book texts are bilingual (English and German).

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