On my research trips for the Right Livelihood Award, I encounter some terrible aspects of life on our planet today. But I also meet the people working to solve these problems. I have seen the devastating aftermath of oil production on the lands of the Ogoni in Nigeria. But I have also seen how a poetry festival in the streets of Medellín in Colombia, a city formerly known for its terror and violence, can bring about the best in people.
To see this, to experience the positive results of people's commitment, gives me hope that a better world is indeed possible.

Ole von Uexkull, Executive Director

Selection Process

The Foundation receives nominations from all around the world. Through this open process, the Foundation acquires a sense of what people around the world perceive as the most urgent problems – and who is working to solve them.

Each year, we tend to process upwards of 100 nominations for the Right Livelihood Award. After careful research by the Foundation’s research team, reports on the current nominations are submitted to the Foundation’s board and Jury. The Jury meets annually in September to select the Laureates of the year. The year’s Laureates are then publicly announced at a press conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

How to Submit a Nomination for the Award?

Nominations are to be submitted through our online form on the Submittable platform, found at the clickable button below.

Any living person or organisation can be nominated for a Right Livelihood Award. There are no restrictions on who may submit a nomination, individuals or organisations can submit a nomination – except Right Livelihood Award jury and staff members. We do not accept self-nominations, therefore nominations for oneself, close relatives or their own organisations will not be considered for a Right Livelihood Award. The Right Livelihood Foundation reserves the right to refuse clearly unsuitable proposals.

Normally, the Foundation makes three Cash awards and one Honorary Award each year. The cash awards are intended for work in progress or the extension of existing activities; they are never given for personal use.

The deadline for nominations to be submitted for the 2021 Right Livelihood Award is 3rd March.


Guidelines for Nominees

Once a nomination has been received, we will reach out directly to the nominee to ask for some information on their part and their formal consent. For an idea of the information that is required from a nominee in order to complete the nomination, please see the following document:

Information required from the nominee

Información sobre el candidato

Informations requises par le Candidat

All information required from nominators can be found in the online nomination form.

Secure Communication

Privacy is important to us. We encourage you to use GPG email encryption when you contact the research team. You can download our public keys from the GPG key server or from the link below. Please make sure to verify the key ID listed below. (right-click to download public key 34AE69E9)

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