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Gush Shalom / Uri Avnery during a protest march in 2001

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery has passed away

( 20/08/2018 )

Emergency responders help an elderly woman following a reported barrel-bomb attack by government forces on the Shaar neighbourhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on June 21, 2014. Syria's war has killed more than 162,000 people and forced nearly half the population to flee their homes. AFP PHOTO/AMC/ZEIN AL-RIFAI

After a successful evacuation process, hundreds of White Helmets volunteers remain in Syria under growing danger

( 27/07/2018 )

Ashram at the newly opened Right Livelihood College Campus in Bangkok, Thailand

Right Livelihood College Opens New Campus in Thailand

( 20/07/2018 )

Swami Agnivesh at the meeting of Right Livelihood Award Laureates in Bonn, 2010. Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt, The Right Livelihood Award Foundation

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation strongly condemns the violence perpetrated against Swami Agnivesh

( 18/07/2018 )


Turkey vs Freedom of the Press

( 29/06/2018 )

Alternativer Nobelpreis 2010 - Treffen der Preisträger zum 30 jährigen Jubiläum - kursWechseln Konferenz in Bonn - Foto: Wolfgang Schmidt - www. wolfgang-schmidt - 18.9.2010 - The Right Livelihood Award -  Laureates - October 2010 - Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt Germany  Langer, Felicia, Israel

Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns Felicia Langer

( 26/06/2018 )

Right Livelihood Award Laureate Mozn Hassan. Photo: Roger Anis/Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Egypt’s fearless feminist Mozn Hassan summoned to court – risking life sentence

( 19/06/2018 )

Daniel Ellsberg showing his support for Memorial at the Right Livelihood Award's North American Laureates Conference in Santa Cruz

Right Livelihood Award Laureates stand with Human Rights Centre Memorial

( 14/06/2018 )

Khadija UN

Right Livelihood Award Foundation Receives Consultative Status to the UN

( 12/06/2018 )


Amy Goodman, Bill McKibben and Daniel Ellsberg headline Right Livelihood Award Laureates’ Conference in Santa Cruz

( 02/05/2018 )

Laureates featured images_0018s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Epstein1164

Dr. Samuel Epstein has passed away

( 30/03/2018 )

White Helmets. Photo: Syria Civil Defence

29 Laureates Sign Petition in Support of White Helmets and Ceasefire in Syria

( 27/03/2018 )

Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns José Antonio Abreu

( 25/03/2018 )

Right Livelihood Award Laureate Mozn Hassan

Egyptian Alternative Nobel Laureate forced to close office after asset freeze – but fight for women’s rights continues

( 16/03/2018 )

Laureate 3 hero

The solution to corruption is more transparency – UN must act now

( 28/02/2018 )

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 16.32.20

Celebrate World Day of Social Justice by proposing an exemplary change maker for the 2018 Right Livelihood Award

( 20/02/2018 )

Laureates featured images_0034s_0001_1_Asma_Jahangir_credit_Wolfgang Schmidt

Pakistan’s leading human rights lawyer and Alternative Nobel Laureate Asma Jahangir has passed away

( 11/02/2018 )

Colin Gonsalves (India, Yetnebersh Nigussie,  (Ethiopia), Robert Bilott (USA) Right Livelihood Award 2017 Stockholm 12/ 2017 Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt

2018 Call for Proposals

( 02/02/2018 )