Amory and Hunter Lovins
( 1983 , USA )

...for pioneering soft energy paths for global security.

The great challenge facing the world is to enable people to feel more safe, valued, empowered, and responsible...

Hunter and Amory Lovins worked together as analysts, lecturers and consultants on energy, resource and security policy in over 50 countries during 1979-2002, and were married until 1999. Their prophetic analyses caused Newsweek to place Amory among “the Western world’s most influential energy thinkers” and The Wall Street Journal to include him among 39 people in the world “most likely to change the course of business in the 1990s”. The Lovinses shared the 1983 Right Livelihood Award, the Mitchell, Nissan, Lindbergh, and Shingo Prizes, and Time magazine’s “Hero for the Planet” Award.


TED Talk: Winning the oil endgame


Amory Lovins
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