14/03/2014 Abolition: For nuclear weapons, there are no right hands

Abolition: For nuclear weapons, there are no right hands

Peace, Democracy and Law, 14/03/2014

40 Right Livelihood Laureates and members of the World Future Council signed a Joint Statement, calling on world leaders to put more resources into achieving the elimination of all nuclear weapons.

At the recent Nuclear Security Summit, 58 world leaders met in The Hague to debate nuclear industry control issues and how to ensure that nuclear materials “do not fall into the wrong hands”. In this context, the signatories of the Joint Statement pointed out the limited focus of the debate, stressing that: “For nuclear weapons, there are no right hands”.

Alyn Ware (RLA 2009 Laureate) said: “of course, it is imperative to prevent the spread of nuclear materials to non-state actors. But why aren’t similar resources being dedicated to eliminating the current arsenals of nuclear weapons to ensure that nuclear weapons will never again be used by accident, miscalculation or intent?”.

Alyn Ware was also recently involved in the adoption of a resolution by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU, a global organisation of most of the world’s parliaments) on the same topic. The resolution, adopted after 12 months of consultations and negotiations, calls on parliaments to “work with their governments on eliminating the role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines” and to “urge their governments to start negotiations on a nuclear weapons convention or package of agreements to achieve a nuclear-weapon-free world”.