17/08/2012 Chico Whitaker warns of ‘nuclear two class society’

Chico Whitaker warns of ‘nuclear two class society’

Environment, Peace, Democracy and Law, Science and Technologies, 17/08/2012

For months, the German Government has been considering export credit guarantees for companies involved in the construction of the Brazilian nuclear power plant Angra 3. Now Chico Whitaker (RLA 2006), appeals to the German Government to abstain from further assessments.

“The German Government should not wait for further tests and assessments but should walk their talk in what they had announced after Fukushima: the German phase-out of nuclear power. The German stop on nuclear should also entail a phase-out of the support for international nuclear power. Everything else would mean a ‘nuclear two class society’: nuclear plants are too dangerous for Germans but not for the citizens of other countries.”

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