30/11/2010 COP16 to kick off in Cancun today

COP16 to kick off in Cancun today

Environment, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, 30/11/2010

Several Right Livelihood Award Laureates will be attending the COP16 meeting, which starts in Cancún, Mexico, today. Together with NGO’s from all over the world, the Laureates will urge governments to do what they have promised.

You can read some of our Laureates’ opinions on COP16: Wangari Maathai (Kenya, RLA 1984) writes anarticle for the Guardian. Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria, RLA 2010), who will be attending COP16, reflects on the event, and Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005) and the council of Canadians announce their presence in Cancún as well.