16/09/2010 Day two of the Anniversary Conference

Day two of the Anniversary Conference

Human Rights, Peace, Democracy and Law, Sustainable Development, 16/09/2010

The second day of the conference was dedicated to meetings with the public. In over 20 cluster events, the Laureates visited different institutions in Bonn to discuss the urgent questions of our time with civil society organisations, NGO’s, business, academia, activists, entrepreneurs and junior researchers.

The Right Livelihood College junior researchers, who are joining the Laureates’ lectures, are blogging about their experiences.

Our laureate Amy Goodman (USA, RLA 2008) broadcasts every day at 2 p.m. from the conference, airing interviews with her fellow laureates. Watch them at ‘Democracy Now!‘ Many journalists are visiting and many interviews were held. Look out for interesting articles in the press, like the one in the German newspaper ‘Die Zeit‘.

In between all the events, photographers are taking pictures, and the film team of the Youth Future Conference, which runs in parallel, is covering the Laureates’ every move.

The second day ended with a dinner reception at the Petersberg, the former guest house of Federal Republic of Germany, hosted by the city of Bonn. In this beautifully situated premises, there was, once again, the possibility to engage in interesting and lively conversations.