21/01/2015 Founder of Lokayan (RLA 1985) dies at age 86

Founder of Lokayan (RLA 1985) dies at age 86

Environment, Human Rights, Sustainable Development, 21/01/2015

Rajni Kothari, founder of 1985 Laureate Lokayan, passed away in New Delhi on January 19th at age 86, according to Times of India.

Kothari, a prominent political scientist, received the Award for founding Lokayan, a forum for the consolidation of democracy and interaction between activists and concerned intellectuals through meetings, workshops, and lectures.

At the Award ceremony in 1985, Kothari acknowledged that “dialogue is the essence of the democratic process, provided it is ‘dialogue of the people’ and not just among the privileged, and provided it is dialogue not for its own sake but for participating in collective transformation involving both micro and macro thresholds.