13/07/2014 Gaza: “Violence has gone too long” – Raji Sourani

Gaza: “Violence has gone too long” – Raji Sourani

Human Rights, Peace, Democracy and Law, 13/07/2014

Raji Sourani from Gaza (RLA 2013) comments on the escalating violence in the Middle East:

“Five weeks ago, I was full of hope. A new national unity government had been formed and it seemed that, for the first time in seven years Palestine would be united. We thought that with reconciliation – with Hamas removed from absolute power in the Gaza Strip – the closure might be lifted. But it did not happen.”

“As the bombs fall, they add rubble to rubble; another generation of destruction.”

“It is a constant cycle of illegality that has returned us to this point. Illegal attacks are used to justify illegal attacks, and on it goes. There are two constants: the continuous suffering of civilians, and total impunity for those suspected of committing war crimes.” …

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