01/06/2016 The Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins AMEC

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins AMEC

Science and Technologies, Youth and Education, 01/06/2016

1 June: The Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins AMEC (available in English)

Right Livelihood Award Foundation -­‐ bestowing ”the alternative Nobel Prize” – has joined the Non-­‐ Profit Group of AMEC, The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC).

Retriever, a full AMEC member, has recommended the Right Livelihood Award Foundation and will sponsor their first year membership in the Non-­‐Profit Group. The Foundation joins others including UNICEF, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cleveland Clinic, Amnesty International and others.

Xenya Cherny-­‐Scanlon, the Foundation’s Director of Communications, is looking forward to meeting the other members in the Non-­‐Profit Group during the AMEC International Summit in London in June.

She said: “Measuring the impact of our outreach efforts is essential for foundations such as ours. AMEC membership provides us with a valuable arena for sharing experiences with other non-­‐profit organizations.ItisalsoremarkabletobepartofandhaveaccesstotheglobalnetworkofAMEC.”

BarryLeggetter,CEOofAMEC,saidhewasdelightedtowelcometheRightLivelihoodAward Foundationintomembership.

Leggetter said: “I know that the key aims of the Foundation are to promote research and education. In that way the Foundation mirrors the key goals of AMEC andwelookforwardtosharingideastogether.”

HelénDamberg,representingRetrieverinAMECsaid:“ItfeelsverygoodtosupportthisFoundation, workingsohardinmakingtheworldabetterplacetolivein.”

“The other members in the Non-­‐Profit Group have accomplished a lot together when it comes todevelopingandmeasuringtheircommunicationefforts.IfeelsureitwillberewardingfortheRight LivelihoodAwardFoundationtobepartofthatgroup.”

About AMEC: The International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), is the leading global trade body for PR programme research, measurement and analytics. AMEC has more than 140membersinover80countries.

For further information, contact:


Helén Damberg, Manager International Projects, Media Analysis, tel 08 546 121 41, e-­‐mail helen.damberg@retriever.se


Right Livelihood Award Foundation:

Xenya Cherny-­‐Scanlon, Director of Communications, tel +41 22 555 0941, mobile +41 76 690 87 98,  e-­‐mail xenya@rightlivelihood.org



Barry Leggetter, CEO. Mobile +44 7748 677504 or +44 1268 412414 e-­‐mail barry.leggetter@amecorg.com