26/01/2015 International Energy Advisory Council launched

International Energy Advisory Council launched

Environment, Sustainable Development, 26/01/2015

Mycle Schneider (RLA 1997) and Amory Lovins (RLA 1983) along with other energy thinkers just launched the International Energy Advisory Council (IEAC).

Since 2013, the group has been advising the Seoul Metropolitan Government on Seoul’s Sustainable Energy Action Plan (called “One Less Nuclear Power Plant”), which had the ambitious goal to reduce or substitute the equivalent of 2 MTOE (approximate output of one reactor) in 32 months, a target it managed to accomplish 6 months earlier than planned.

The IEAC came about following the establishment of the Seoul International Energy Advisory Council, which brought together the energy experts who would subsequently found the IEAC.

More information on the IEAC in the media release.