12/03/2011 Laureate organisation ‘deeply concerned’

Laureate organisation ‘deeply concerned’

Environment, Science and Technologies, Sustainable Development, 12/03/2011

The organisation of the late Japanese Right Livelihood Award Laureate Jinzaburo Takagi, the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center, writes in a statement that they are ‘deeply concerned for the health and safety of the people affected by the earthquakes’, and particularly ‘for the people in the vicinity of nuclear power plants’.

According to the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center, ‘a nuclear disaster which the promoters of nuclear power in Japan said wouldn’t happen is in progress. It is occurring as a result of an earthquake that they said would not happen.’

Read the statement here.

Philip White, International Liaison Officer at the Citizens’ Nuclear Information Center can be contacted for interviews at his office number +81-3-3357-3800 or home number +81-3-3708-2898 (FOR JOURNALISTS ONLY).