31/05/2013 New web app from CAAT reveals EU arms export info

New web app from CAAT reveals EU arms export info

Peace, Democracy and Law, 31/05/2013

Campaign Against Arms Trade (RLA 2012) has launched a new EU Arms Exports browser, which shows all known weapons transfers out of the EU from 1998 onwards, broken down by source, destination and type of equipment.

The browser uses data compiled by the European Commission and released in annual reports. While the reports are hard to navigate and highly technical, the browser provides a simple interface that allows the user to browse the data in an accessible format and quickly make comparisons between different exporters, destination countries, types of hardware and year. The app was produced in association with the European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT), and is available in four languages: German, English, Spanish and French.

The Right Livelihood Award prize money CAAT received in 2012 helped spur the development of this application.

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