17/03/2011 Open letter from Judge Weeramantry

Open letter from Judge Weeramantry

Environment, Science and Technologies, Sustainable Development, 17/03/2011

Judge Christopher Weeramantry (Sri Lanka, RLA 2007), former Vice President of the International Court of Justice, The Hague, has sent an open letter to the world’s environmental ministers.

He writes: “Even a school child is aware that no power on earth can insure against earthquakes, tsunamis, wars, insurrections, negligent management and other disasters. These will inevitably occur over a period of years and not only do we know this as a virtual certainty, but we know also that there is no known means of eliminating them.

In a supposedly enlightened age, we are, with total disregard of any sense of responsibility, proceeding to build more reactors, pursuing short term advantages while being fully aware of the long term perils we are inflicting on our own posterity. Solar and other renewable energy sources provide all the energy the world needs but we neglect them, for there are great profits for those few who are engaged in the nuclear energy enterprise, whatever the costs to the vast majority and the generations yet to come.”

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