22/10/2010 Pat Mooney (Canada, RLA 1985) on geo-engineering

Pat Mooney (Canada, RLA 1985) on geo-engineering

Environment, Sustainable Development, 22/10/2010

Representatives of nearly 200 countries are gathered in Nagoya, Japan, from October 18-29, to agree on targets to fight the destruction of forests, rivers and coral reefs.

The UN names climate change as the major cause for the rapid losses in nature.

Some countries spend billions of dollars on geo-engineering projects to curb climate change.

“It’s absolutely inappropriate for a handful of governments in industrialized countries to make a decision to try geo-engineering without the approval of all the world’s support,” Pat Mooney (RLA 1985) told Reuters.

“They shouldn’t proceed with real-life, in-the-environment experimentation or the deployment of any geo-engineering until there is a consensus in the United Nations that this is okay.”

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