20/04/2010 People’s climate summit in Bolivia

People’s climate summit in Bolivia

Environment, Sustainable Development, 20/04/2010

Pat Mooney (RLA 1985), Martin Khor, former Vice chair of SAM (RLA 1988), Vandana Shiva (RLA 1993),Leonardo Boff (RLA 2001), Maude Barlow (RLA 2005) and Amy Goodman (RLA 2008) will speak at the People’s Climate Summit in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Even more laureates will attend, for instance Carrie Dann(RLA 1993) and representatives from MST (RLA 1991).

Climate change activists from around the world are convening from April 20 to 22 for a grassroots alternative to the failed UN climate talks in Copenhagen last December.

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