15/06/2011 RLA signed open letter on Geoengineering

RLA signed open letter on Geoengineering

Environment, Science and Technologies, Sustainable Development, 15/06/2011

“Geoengineering, the intentional large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s systems to modify the climate, is one of the most serious issues the international community will face in the decades ahead.”

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation and some of the RLA Laureates signed an open letter to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expressing concern about the expert meeting on Geoengineering in Perú on June 20-22.
The letter warns that the IPCC, aiming to be “policy neutral”, has to be careful not to let scientists with personal and financial interests decide over the relevance of geoengineering as a response to climate change. Not only are the risks of geoengineering unpredictable but the decision also is not “primarily a scientific question; it is a political one.”

You can read the letter here.
Organizations may sign it while individuals are welcome to add their voice in a photo petition.