We are most grateful to all our sponsors for their invaluable help in supporting our work.

Without them, we couldn’t do what we are doing.

Thank you!

We are most grateful to the law firm Noerr for their invaluable advice in the field of tax and foundation law. Noerr’s in-kind support for the Right Livelihood Award was initiated by the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation.

MAQs provides us with regular support in several areas. It has, among other things, aided us with our internal structure through the establishment of a new subsidiary owned by the Foundation, licensing deals and drafting contracts between us and our partners.

We are very grateful for the media agency Tre Kronor Media’s support and commitment regarding the development of media collaborations and communication planning in connection with the Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm.

We are grateful for the commitment and support given to us by the branding agency, Happy F&B
Together we are evolving our strategy and design, which we are looking forward to showing the world in 2021

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    Ole von Uexkull