Circle of Friends

We endorse the Right Livelihood Award with a contribution for a simple reason. We could have supported directly other noble, laudable efforts around the world. But the prize of the Right Livelihood has an enormous value-added: in addition to the financial support, it brings to winners, sometimes hardly known, international recognition, credibility, and protection. And that uplift can in turn inspire the recipient and others."

Rolf and Marja-Leena Ahola vom Dorp, Sweden

Join us!

Many of our Partners and Friends have a very close relationship with the Award. They participate at the Award Ceremonies, meet Recipients and get involved in our global network of pioneers and practical visionaries working for a better future. They have varied backgrounds and come from all walks of life.

The global challenges that Right Livelihood Award Recipients are confronting threaten our very future, and the coming years and decades will be critical for humanity to choose path. Our Laureates will be needed more and more as compasses and bearers of hope on this most difficult journey that humanity has ever undertaken.

We need more Friends and Partners to help us make sure that our Laureates’ voices are clearly heard in these important times. If you are interested in our work and if you want to learn more – please contact us so that we can find out how we can work together.

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    Ole von Uexkull