Regional Conference for European Laureates

The regional conference for European Laureates was held in Château de Bossey near Geneva, Switzerland, from 28 October – 1 November 2016. The Public events with Laureates took place on 31 October.

The main objective of the conference is to bring Laureates of the Right Livelihood Award based in Europe together on a common platform for the first time, to reflect on ways to contribute towards a vibrant, strong and independent civil society working towards peace, sustainable development, women’s participation and human rights.

The conference aimed at building on the Laureates’ experience working on these issues for over four decades and examine what is needed to protect and promote an enabling environment for civil society. Further, the conference aimed to facilitate sharing between the participating Laureates and the international ecumenical network regarding the consequences of a shrinking space for civil society and human rights defenders working on peace and development issues.

This is the fourth conference in a series of regional conferences co-organized with Church of Sweden, following successful meetings in Bogota, Colombia in 2013, Cairo, Egypt in 2014 and Mumbai, India in 2015.

List of Participants

Alyn Ware (campaigner for nuclear abolition, Laureate 2009, Switzerland/New Zealand)
Memorial – Grigory Okhotin (human rights, Laureate 2004, Russia)
Trident Ploughshares – Angie Zelter (campaigners for the abolition of nuclear weapons, Laureate 2001, UK)
Mycle Schneider (expert on nuclear energy policy, Laureate 1997, France)
Committee of Soldiers Mothers of Russia – Ida Kuklina (peace, Laureate 1996, Russia)
András Biró (minority rights, Laureate 1995, Hungary)
The Serb Civic Council – Miladin Vidakovic (peace, Laureate 1995, Bosnia-Herzegovina)
Finnish Village Action – Tapio Mattlar (civil society, Laureate 1992, Finland)
Alla Yaroshinskaya (journalism, Laureate 1992, Russia)
Survival – Stephen Corry (indigenous rights, Laureate 1989, UK/International)
Johan Galtung (peace, Laureate 1989, Norway)
János Vargha (environmentalist, Laureate 1985, Hungary)
Physicians for Human Rights – Ran Goldstein (health, Laureate 2010, Israel)
Birsel Lemke (environmentalist, Laureate 2000, Turkey)
Vesna Terselic (peacebuilding and reconciliation, Laureate 1998, Croatia)
IBFAN – Camille Selleger (promotion of breastfeeding, Laureate 1998, International)
International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims – Víctor Madrigal-Borloz (prevention of torture, Laureate 1988, Denmark)
Monika Hauser (women and conflict, Germany, Laureate 2008)
Gino Strada (health, Laureate 2015, Italy)