Solidarity visit to Chad

We are all Jacqueline Moudeina!

From October 15 to 17, 2012, a Right Livelihood Award delegation was in N’Djamena, Chad. The objective of the three day visit was to express solidarity with Jacqueline Moudeina (2011, Chad) and demand that she and her colleagues be provided with adequate protection and security to continue their important work.

Part of the delegation were fellow Laureates Martín Almada (2002, Paraguay) and Nnimmo Bassey (2010, Nigeria), as well as Right Livelihood Award Board member Juliane. Support for Moudeina came in from the Right Livelihood Award family across the world. Raúl Montenegro (2004, Argentina) expressed his support declaring that “We are all Jacqueline Moudeina!”.

Jacqueline Moudeina and Juliane Kronen handed over a Joint Statement to the Chadian Minister of Human Rights. The statement expressed the Right Livelihood Award’s concern for the threads made against Jacqueline Moudeina and called upon the Government of Chad to, among other things, provide her with the security necessary to carry out her work without fear and intimidation. A special newsletter was also published on the occasion of the visit (also available in German).