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Right Livelihood Foundation and Survival International call on Brazilian government to protect indigenous peoples media 12/03/2020

Right Livelihood Award Laureate Davi Kopenawa demands that indigenous rights be respected in Brazil media 02/03/2020

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation strongly condemns the violence perpetrated against Swami Agnivesh media 18/07/2018

Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns José Antonio Abreu media 25/03/2018

Celebrate World Day of Social Justice by proposing an exemplary change maker for the 2018 Right Livelihood Award media 20/02/2018

Khadija Ismayilova laureates 26/09/2017

Yetnebersh Nigussie laureates

Colombia’s First Poetry Festival in Times of Peace media 26/07/2017

Turkey Must Act on UN Experts’ Call to Free Cumhuriyet Journalists media 19/07/2017

Zonas de tránsito a la vida civil reciben al 27° festival de poesía de Medellín media 10/07/2017

Press Council of India Fails its Mandate media 21/12/2016

Premios “Nobel Alternativo” de Chile rinden homenaje a Douglas Tompkins a un año de su muerte media 08/12/2016

Los Juegos Ol’mpicos son una vergŸenza para Brasil media 10/08/2016

Why end world hunger by 2030? We have the moral obligation to end it now: Swami Agnivesh media 06/07/2016

Music Breaks the Chains media 17/06/2016

Memorial: Dark Memories Bring Light to the Former USSR media 25/02/2016

Airways for Good: Celebrating World Radio Day media 13/02/2016

Laureates Issue Open Letter to King of Saudi Arabia media 12/02/2016

Sheila Watt-Cloutier laureates 23/08/2015

Los gobernantes hacen cada d’a menos caso a las demandas de los ciudadanos media 14/07/2015

25 a–ños resistiendo la guerra a fuerza de poes’a media 09/07/2015

Interview with Leonardo Boff about the Papal Encyclical on climate change media 23/06/2015

Regional Conference close in Mumbai media 07/03/2015

Regional Conference in Mumbai Announced media 17/02/2015

Regional Conference Egypt media 02/06/2014

Hans-Peter Duerr passes away media 19/05/2014

University of Milenaria distinguished Manfred Max-Neef with honorary degree media 14/10/2013

Barcelona exhibition media 30/08/2013

Poetry Festival of Medell’n starting today media 06/07/2013

Poetry Festival of Medell’n starts media

Ecuador rejected ASO’s offer to co-host the 2014 Dakar Rally media 20/05/2013

Laureates sign petition in protection of Klaus Hšnniger media

Asghar Ali Engineer passes away media 14/05/2013

Asghar Ali Engineer passes away media

100 years Robert Jungk media 03/05/2013

Laureates sign petition directed to government of Peru media 24/04/2013

Several Laureates signed open letter in support of ongoing Columbian peace process media 18/02/2013

Sankaralingam Jagannathan passes away at age of 100 media 12/02/2013

Sankaralingam Jagannathan passed away media

José Antonio Abreu receives the Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella from the Dominican Republic media 02/02/2013

Calls for investigation of Dakar Rally media 25/01/2013

Swami Agnivesh attacked in Bhopal media 03/12/2012

New Book – Photo series about Right Livelihood Award Laureates media 19/11/2012

CAAT Protests end National Gallery’s arms trade links media 11/10/2012

Gene Sharp laureates 23/08/2012

Back Seat Heroes – Photo Exhibition about our Laureates media 24/05/2012

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi 1964 – 2011 media 14/07/2011

Erwin Kräutler laureates 23/08/2010

The Poetry Festival of Medell’n celebrates its 20th anniversary media 07/07/2010

News from the Right Livelihood College media 09/06/2010

José Antonio Abreu (Venezuela, RLA 2001) media 30/03/2010

Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004) media 22/10/2009

Amy Goodman laureates 23/08/2008

Dekha Abdi laureates 23/08/2007

Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín laureates 23/08/2006

Francisco Toledo laureates 23/08/2005

Swami Agnivesh laureates 23/08/2004

Asghar Ali Engineer laureates

Memorial laureates

Ibrahim Abouleish / SEKEM laureates 23/08/2003

Martín Almada laureates 23/08/2002

José Antonio Abreu laureates 23/08/2001

Leonardo Boff laureates

Consolidation of the Amazon Region (COAMA) laureates 23/08/1999

Joseph Ki-Zerbo laureates 23/08/1997

András Biró / Hungarian Foundation for Self-Reliance laureates 23/08/1995

Sulak Sivaraksa laureates

Astrid Lindgren laureates 23/08/1994

Mary and Carrie Dann of the Western Shoshone Nation laureates 23/08/1993

Kylätoiminta / Finnish Village Action laureates 23/08/1992

Survival laureates 23/08/1989

John F. Charlewood Turner laureates 23/08/1988

The Chipko Movement laureates 23/08/1987

Helena Norberg-Hodge / Ladakh Ecological Development Group laureates 23/08/1986

Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan laureates

George Trevelyan laureates 23/08/1982

Patrick van Rensburg laureates 23/08/1981

Hassan Fathy laureates 23/08/1980