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Dr. Samuel Epstein has passed away media 30/03/2018

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Celebrate World Day of Social Justice by proposing an exemplary change maker for the 2018 Right Livelihood Award media 20/02/2018

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Robert Bilott laureates 26/09/2017

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Yetnebersh Nigussie laureates


Denis Mukwege till Sverige för filmpremiär media 11/10/2016


Tackling Zika, Naturally media 22/07/2016


Why end world hunger by 2030? We have the moral obligation to end it now: Swami Agnivesh media 06/07/2016

Violence sexuelle en Afrique : Des tendances à inverser media 25/05/2016

Sexual Violence in Africa: Reversing the Trends media

The Chernobyl Secret Protocols: Lies in the Aftermath of Disaster media 26/04/2016

Denis Mukwege: Rape As A Weapon Of War In The Democratic Republic of Congo media 20/04/2016

Laureate Leads Historic Nuclear Disarmament Hearings at ICJ media 07/03/2016


Tony de Brum & the People of the Marshall Islands laureates 23/08/2015

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Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera laureates


Gino Strada / EMERGENCY laureates

Piden a empleadores, sindicalistas y legisladores medidas que protejan la lactancia materna media 07/08/2015

Laureates react to Award to Golden Rice researchers by the White House media 20/04/2015

Laureates decry Golden Rice and GM Bananas as “false miracles” media 07/04/2015

Declaration for International Women’s Day 2015 against GMO crops media 09/03/2015

Regional Conference close in Mumbai media 07/03/2015

Regional Conference in Mumbai Announced media 17/02/2015

Panzi Hospital’s accounts seized media 03/01/2015

Denis Mukwege receives 2014 Sakharov Prize media 22/10/2014

Three RLA Laureates ask Pope Francis to take a stance against GMOs media 13/08/2014

US icon and first Right Livelihood Award Recipient Stephen Gaskin passes away media 02/07/2014

Global experts call on African Union Governments to implement Ecological Organic Agriculture in Africa media 26/06/2014

Regional Conference Egypt media 02/06/2014

Vandana Shiva supports protests against Monsanto media 30/10/2013

Scientists Say ‘No Consensus on GMO Food Safety’ media 22/10/2013

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Paul Walker laureates 23/08/2013

Laureates featured images_0033s_0001_1_Denis_Mukwege_credit_Wolfgang_Schmidt

Denis Mukwege laureates

Laureates featured images_0033s_0000_2_Hans_Herren_credit_Wolfgang_Schmidt

Hans Herren / Biovision Foundation laureates

India rejects Monsanto’s plant patent media 06/07/2013

Global shock over World Food Prize to GMO executives media 27/06/2013

World Food Prize Statement media

March Against Monsanto – May 25th media 21/05/2013

Navdanya launches “No to GMO bananas” campaign media 02/05/2013

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Hayrettin Karaca laureates 23/08/2012

Laureates featured images_0032s_0003_Sima Simar

Sima Samar laureates

Vandana Shiva: defending seed sovereignty media 21/08/2012

Rosalie Bertell 1929-2012 media 18/06/2012

Rosalie Bertell passed away media 16/06/2012

Don’t invest in dirty oil media 13/03/2012

GRAIN releases new data on land grabbing media 24/02/2012

GRAIN recommends report on landgrabbing & water media 16/02/2012

Interview with Camila Montecinos, member of GRAIN media 12/11/2011

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GRAIN laureates 23/08/2011

Laureates featured images_0031s_0002_InaMayGaskin2_c_KarlGabor

Ina May Gaskin laureates

Asha Hagi Elmi: Help Somalia’s starving people media 01/08/2011

Shell hearing in Dutch Parliament media 27/01/2011

University launches lecture series on Laureates media 23/11/2010

Ruchama Marton (Israel, RLA 2010) is interviewed by the BBC media 28/10/2010

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Shrikrishna Upadhyay / SAPPROS laureates 23/08/2010

Laureates featured images_0030s_0002_3_Ruchama Marton

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel laureates

Cary Fowler (Norway, RLA 1985) media 11/03/2010

SEWA / Ela Bhatt (India, RLA 1984) media 17/11/2009

Suvival International (UK, RLA 1989) media 05/11/2009

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Alyn Ware laureates 23/08/2009

Laureates featured images_0029s_0000_Hamlin

Catherine Hamlin laureates

Vandana Shiva (India, RLA 1993) media 31/07/2009

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Monika Hauser laureates 23/08/2008

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Percy and Louise Schmeiser laureates 23/08/2007

Laureates featured images_0024s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Abouleish631

Ibrahim Abouleish / SEKEM laureates 23/08/2003

Laureates featured images_0023s_0003_2003 - David Lange

David Lange laureates

Laureates featured images_0021s_0003_2001 - Angie Zelter_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Trident Ploughshares laureates 23/08/2001


Tewolde Berhan laureates 23/08/2000


Wes Jackson / The Land Institute laureates

Laureates featured images_0019s_0002_portrait.GAO_Fernando Funes & Maria del Carmen

Grupo de Agricultura Orgánica (GAO) laureates 23/08/1999

Laureates featured images_0018s_0001_1998 - Annelies Allain_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) laureates 23/08/1998

Laureates featured images_0018s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Epstein1164

Samuel Epstein laureates

Laureates featured images_0017s_0002_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Schneider

Mycle Schneider laureates 23/08/1997

Laureates featured images_0017s_0000_portrait. Cindy Duehring

Cindy Duehring laureates

Laureates featured images_0016s_0003_1996 - George Vithoulkas_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

George Vithoulkas laureates 23/08/1996

Laureates featured images_0014s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Sudarshan950

Hanumappa R. Sudarshan / VGKK laureates 23/08/1994

Laureates featured images_0013s_0003_portrait.Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva laureates 23/08/1993


Zafrullah Chowdhury / Gonoshasthaya Kendra laureates 23/08/1992

Laureates featured images_0012s_0000_portrait.John Gofman 1

John Gofman laureates

Laureates featured images_0012s_0003_portrait. Alla Yaroshinskaya

Alla Yaroshinskaya laureates

Laureates featured images_0011s_0002_portrait.Edward Goldsmith

Edward Goldsmith laureates 23/08/1991

Laureates featured images_0011s_0001_1991 - Marie-Therese Danielsson

Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson laureates

Laureates featured images_0011s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Campigotto9543

Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra (MST) laureates


Bernard Lédéa Ouédraogo laureates 23/08/1990

Laureates featured images_0009s_0003_1989 - Legesse Wolde-Yohannes_Salzb05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Legesse Wolde-Yohannes laureates 23/08/1989

Laureates featured images_0009s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Seikatsu Club1870

Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Cooperative laureates

Laureates featured images_0009s_0004_1989 - Melaku Worede_Salzb05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Melaku Worede laureates

Laureates featured images_0009s_0000_portrait.Aklilu Lemma 1

Aklilu Lemma laureates

Laureates featured images_0008s_0000_1988 Inge Genefke_Salzb05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Inge Genefke / Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims laureates 23/08/1988

Laureates featured images_0008s_0001_1988 - Jose Lutzenberger 1

José Lutzenberger laureates

Laureates featured images_0007s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Moore Lappe2408

Frances Moore-Lappé / Institute for Food and Development Policy laureates 23/08/1987

Laureates featured images_0007s_0004_portrait.Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu laureates

Laureates featured images_0006s_0001_portrait - Robert Jungk

Robert Jungk laureates 23/08/1986

Laureates featured images_0006s_0000_portrait.Rosalie Bertell

Rosalie Bertell laureates

Laureates featured images_0006s_0004_Alice Stewart 2

Alice Stewart laureates

Laureates featured images_0005s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Mooney2526

Pat Mooney laureates 23/08/1985

Laureates featured images_0005s_0001_B_-_portrait.Cary_Fowler

Cary Fowler laureates

Laureates featured images_0003s_0001_portrait. Ibedul Gibbons

High Chief Ibedul Gibbons and the people of Belau laureates 23/08/1983

Laureates featured images_0002s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Fazal1705

Anwar Fazal laureates 23/08/1982

Laureates featured images_0002s_0003_portrait. PIDA_Wilfred Karunaratne

Participatory Institute for Development Alternatives (PIDA) laureates

Laureates featured images_0001s_0001_portrait.Bill Mollison

Bill Mollison laureates 23/08/1981