Human Rights

Protests in Santiogo, Chile, 2019. Credit: Carlos Figueroa [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

“No más violaciones a los derechos humanos en Chile”, piden los laureados del Premio Right Livelihood media 07/11/2019

Protests in Santiogo, Chile, 2019. Credit: Carlos Figueroa [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Right Livelihood Award Laureates call to end human rights violations in Chile media

Right Livelihood Award 2012 -  Stockholm 2012 Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt  - Sima Samar

Sima Samar appointed Afghanistan’s Human Rights Minister media 18/09/2019

Medha Patkar visiting the Mumbai slums in 2015. Credit: Right Livelihood Foundation

Indian Right Livelihood Award Laureate Medha Patkar on hunger strike – demands justice for people impacted by the Sardar Sarovar dam  media 30/08/2019

Right Livelihood Foundation in cooperation with Article 19 presenting a side event at the 41st Human Rights Council

Highlights from the 41st Human Rights Council Session media 15/07/2019

Illustration of 2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureate Waleed Abu Al-Khair. Illustration by: Anna Albert

#FreeWaleed: 5 years on from his sentencing, join us in calling for the release of Saudi prisoner of conscience Waleed Abu al-Khair media 05/07/2019

Fabiana Leibl, Right Livelihood Foundation's Head of Protection and Advocacy, speaking at the 41st HRC

Egypt must lift the travel ban imposed on Ms Hassan media 03/07/2019

Fabiana Leibl, Right Livelihood Foundation's Head of Protection and Advocacy, speaking at the 41st HRC

Russia must stop repressing fundamental freedoms media 02/07/2019

Global Campus of Human Rights Partnership

The Global Campus of Human Rights enters into new educational partnership with the Right Livelihood Foundation media 05/06/2019

Murder of indigenous leader Sergio Rojas

40 Right Livelihood Award Laureates demand that the government of Costa Rica address the murder of indigenous leader Sergio Rojas media 14/05/2019

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Abdullah Al-Hamid, Waleed Abu Al-Khair and Mohammad Fahad Al-Qahtani. Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Ahmed al-Osaimi (Blurred from Original)

Five Years since Saudi Right Livelihood Award Laureate was Imprisoned media 15/04/2019

Ruth Manorama at the Human Rights Council Side Event

Highlights from the 40th Human Rights Council Session media 03/04/2019

Credit: Dmitry Borko/Memorial HRC

Farcical trial in Chechnya – Oyub Titiev sentenced to four years in prison media 18/03/2019


NGOs urge governments to pressure Saudi Arabia to improve rights record following UN review media 14/03/2019

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Abdullah Al-Hamid, Waleed Abu Al-Khair and Mohammad Fahad Al-Qahtani. Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Ahmed al-Osaimi (Blurred from Original)

Saudi Arabia Must Immediately Release Abdullah Al-hamid, Mohammad Fahad Al-qahtani, And Waleed Abu Al-khair media

Credit: Dmitry Borko/Memorial HRC

Chechnya must acquit Mr Oyub Titiev of the fabricated criminal charges media 13/03/2019

Credits: Ministerio Público de Guatemala

“Hay una violencia que es histórica: la indiferencia del Estado” media 08/03/2019


“We don’t only need women in positions of power, we need feminist women” media

Thelma Aldana speaking at a roundtable meeting inside the German Bundestag. Credit: Janine Escher/Right Livelihood Award Foundation

“We are experiencing a women’s revolution” media

Photo: Amy Au / Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Council side event calls for accountability for rights abuses including torture and incommunicado detention of women’s rights defenders media 05/03/2019


Turkey must stop persecuting independent media and arbitrarily detaining journalists media 01/03/2019


International Community must respond to the increasingly dangerous global environment for Women Human Rights Defenders media 28/02/2019

Khadija Ismayilova (Credit: Aziz Karimli)

‘Alternative Nobel’ Khadija Ismayilova joins hunger strike to free political prisoners in Azerbaijan media 16/01/2019


Khadija Ismayilova wins case against Azerbaijan media 11/01/2019

Illustrations: Anna Albert

Celebrate 70th Anniversary of Human Rights – Support Reformists Instead of the Regime in Saudi Arabia media 10/12/2018

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Abdullah Al-Hamid, Waleed Abu Al-Khair and Mohammad Fahad Al-Qahtani. Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Ahmed al-Osaimi (Blurred from Original)

Calling for the release of the Saudi Laureates of the 2018 Right Livelihood Award media 14/11/2018

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Abdullah Al-Hamid, Waleed Abu Al-Khair and Mohammad Fahad Al-Qahtani. Photo Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0/Ahmed al-Osaimi (Blurred from Original)

Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins 170 NGOs calling for accountability for human rights violations in Saudi Arabia media 30/10/2018

David, Fabiana and Alessandra from the Geneva Team attending the Human Rights Council meeting.

5 Highlights from the Human Rights Council Session media 03/10/2018

mozn hassan speaking

Egypt must stop prosecuting Human Rights Defenders and drop the charges against Mozn Hassan media 01/10/2018

Announce Banner FINAL-02

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Announced media 24/09/2018

Thelma and Ivan

Thelma Aldana & Iván Velásquez laureates

Mack Chang 9aa9a09011

Fundación Myrna Mack brings the situation of human rights in Guatemala to the Human Rights Council in Geneva media 14/09/2018

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins 750 organisations in welcoming the new High Commissioner for Human Rights media 10/09/2018

Emergency responders help an elderly woman following a reported barrel-bomb attack by government forces on the Shaar neighbourhood of the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on June 21, 2014. Syria's war has killed more than 162,000 people and forced nearly half the population to flee their homes. AFP PHOTO/AMC/ZEIN AL-RIFAI

After a successful evacuation process, hundreds of White Helmets volunteers remain in Syria under growing danger media 27/07/2018

Alternativer Nobelpreis 2010 - Treffen der Preisträger zum 30 jährigen Jubiläum - kursWechseln Konferenz in Bonn - Foto: Wolfgang Schmidt - www. wolfgang-schmidt - 18.9.2010 - The Right Livelihood Award -  Laureates - October 2010 - Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt Germany  Langer, Felicia, Israel

Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns Felicia Langer media 26/06/2018

Right Livelihood Award Laureate Mozn Hassan. Photo: Roger Anis/Right Livelihood Award Foundation

Egypt’s fearless feminist Mozn Hassan summoned to court – risking life sentence media 19/06/2018

Daniel Ellsberg showing his support for Memorial at the Right Livelihood Award's North American Laureates Conference in Santa Cruz

Right Livelihood Award Laureates stand with Human Rights Centre Memorial media 14/06/2018

White Helmets. Photo: Syria Civil Defence

29 Laureates Sign Petition in Support of White Helmets and Ceasefire in Syria media 27/03/2018

Right Livelihood Award Laureate Mozn Hassan

Egyptian Alternative Nobel Laureate forced to close office after asset freeze – but fight for women’s rights continues media 16/03/2018

Laureate 3 hero

The solution to corruption is more transparency – UN must act now media 28/02/2018

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 16.32.20

Celebrate World Day of Social Justice by proposing an exemplary change maker for the 2018 Right Livelihood Award media 20/02/2018

Colin Gonsalves, Yetnebersh Nigussie, Robert Bilott © Wolfgang Schmidt

2017 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Create Real Change for Millions of People media 01/12/2017


Journalism is Not a Crime media 02/11/2017

Laureates featured images_0015s_0003_1995 - Sulak Sivaraksa_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

44 Right Livelihood Award Laureates: Dismiss the Case Against Thailand’s Sulak Sivaraksa media 25/10/2017

Bilott_Robert_Credit - Taft Stettinius & Hollister LLP.jpg

Robert Bilott laureates 26/09/2017

L3 feature

Khadija Ismayilova laureates

L4 feature

Yetnebersh Nigussie laureates


Released from Jail, ‘Alternative Nobel’ Medha Patkar Still Faces Charges of Kidnapping in India’s Dam Protest media 25/08/2017

A visit to the Mumbai slums; Medha Patkar

‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureate Begins Hunger Strike Against India’s Mega Dam Evictions media 27/07/2017


Turkey Must Act on UN Experts’ Call to Free Cumhuriyet Journalists media 19/07/2017


Solidarité avec Cumhuriyet à Genève media 31/05/2017

Alternativer Nobelpreis 2010 - Treffen der Preisträger zum 30 jährigen Jubiläum - kursWechseln Konferenz in Bonn - Foto: Wolfgang Schmidt - www. wolfgang-schmidt - 18.9.2010 - The Right Livelihood Award -  Laureates - October 2010 - Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt Germany  Rensburg, Patrick van, South Africa

Remembering Apartheid Critic and Educator Patrick van Rensburg media 24/05/2017

7_Nnimmo Bassey surrounded by Journalists

Journalism grant scheme to report on ‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureates launched media 03/05/2017

Laureates featured images_0031s_0003_JacquelineMoudeina_2011_c_KarlGabor

Moudeina’s Triumph: Life in Prison for Hissène Habré Confirmed media 28/04/2017

Ran Goldstein PHRI Stockholm 2017 photo RLA

50 Years of Occupation: Shrinking Space for Civil Society in Israel and Palestine media 26/04/2017


Desde España, Movimiento Sin Tierra de Brasil denuncia creciente criminalización de la protesta y promueve campaña internacional para liberar militantes detenidos media


An Indictment Against Democracy in Turkey media 06/04/2017


Despite Travel Ban, Egyptian Feminist Mozn Hassan Receives Her ‘Alternative Nobel’ in Cairo media 25/03/2017

mozn hassan speaking

Egyptian ‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureate Calls for Universal Women’s Rights Review at the UN media 01/03/2017

15. White helmets. Photo Syria Civil Defence

The White Helmets on Screen media 23/02/2017


The Right Livelihood Award Foundation strongly condemns the freezing of 2016 Laureate Mozn Hassan’s assets media 13/01/2017

L-510e682dab Swami Agnivesh

Press Council of India Fails its Mandate media 21/12/2016


Mozn Hassan to Receive Her Right Livelihood Award in Cairo media


Chile reúne a cinco premiados con el “Nobel Alternativo” media 05/12/2016

Right Livelihood Award 2014 Stockholm Picture: Wolfgang Schmidt

Edward Snowden till Internetdagarna media 25/10/2016


Bin the Travel Ban media 20/10/2016


Denis Mukwege till Sverige för filmpremiär media 11/10/2016


Syria Civil Defence laureates 22/09/2016


Mozn Hassan / NAZRA laureates


Svetlana Gannushkina laureates


Cumhuriyet laureates


International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Dignity Comes First media 24/06/2016

Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

Music Breaks the Chains media 17/06/2016

La condamnation d’Hissène HabrŽé, une victoire pour le Tchad et l’Afrique entière media 31/05/2016

Violence sexuelle en Afrique : Des tendances à inverser media 25/05/2016

Sexual Violence in Africa: Reversing the Trends media

Denis Mukwege: Rape As A Weapon Of War In The Democratic Republic of Congo media 20/04/2016

Crime against landless workers rampant as Brazil descends into political crisis media 14/04/2016

Foundation, Laureate Condemn Killings of Landless Workers in Brazil media

Hate Speech: A New Strategy Against Human Rights Defenders media 23/03/2016

Laureates petition against impunity following the murder of activist Berta Caceres media 09/03/2016

Memorial: Dark Memories Bring Light to the Former USSR media 25/02/2016

Laureates Issue Open Letter to King of Saudi Arabia media 12/02/2016

One Month Left Until 1 March Nomination Deadline media 02/02/2016

Award Ceremony: 2015 Laureates call for climate leadership and putting an end to war and discrimination media 30/11/2015

Media opportunity: Austrian pop artist and worldwide LGBTI icon Conchita Wurst will meet with 2015 Laureate Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera in Stockholm media 23/11/2015

Employees of Afghanistan Indepedent Human Rights Commission Killed In Explosion media 29/10/2015

RLA 2015 Laureates announced media 01/10/2015

Upcoming announcement of the 2015 Laureates media 10/09/2015


Sheila Watt-Cloutier laureates 23/08/2015

Test caption

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera laureates


Gino Strada / EMERGENCY laureates

Laureates Show Solidarity with Patkar’s Protest media 14/08/2015

Por tercer a–o consecutivo, Brasil encabeza ranking mundial de asesinatos de l’deres sociales y ambientales media 17/07/2015

UN Special Rapporteur Urged to Make Public Statement on Denial of Free Speech in Bangladesh media 19/06/2015

Letter of solidarity to Laureate Zafrullah Chowdhury media 11/06/2015

Hissne HabrŽ trial to begin on 20 July media 22/05/2015

Right Livelihood Award Laureates condemn incitement to murder Swami Agnivesh media 18/05/2015

Inauguration of Munir Street in The Hague: Suciwati calls on President to resolve Munir murder media 13/04/2015

Habr鎒s agents convicted of torture media 26/03/2015

Regional Conference close in Mumbai media 07/03/2015

Jumanda Gakelebone in South Africa to discuss hunting ban media 28/02/2015

Laureate elected to district council in Botswana media 18/02/2015

Regional Conference in Mumbai Announced media 17/02/2015

Founder of Lokayan (RLA 1985) dies at age 86 media 21/01/2015

Panzi Hospital’s accounts seized media 03/01/2015

The impact of the 2014 Right Livelihood Awards media 28/11/2014

RLA solidarity mission to Gaza media 30/10/2014

Denis Mukwege receives 2014 Sakharov Prize media 22/10/2014

RLA Delegation calls on Brazilian Presidential Candidates media 29/09/2014

Laureates’ reactions to Right Livelihood Awards: “We have something to protect” media 25/09/2014

2014 Laureates announced media 24/09/2014

Laureates urge Indonesian President Joko Widodo to order independent investigation into Munir’s murder media 12/09/2014

Laureates featured images_0034s_0000_1_Edward_Snowden_credit_The_Guardian_HR

Edward Snowden laureates 23/08/2014

Laureates featured images_0034s_0000_2_Alan_Rusbridger_credit_Wolfgang_Schmidt

Alan Rusbridger laureates

Laureates featured images_0034s_0001_1_Asma_Jahangir_credit_Wolfgang Schmidt

Asma Jahangir laureates

Laureates featured images_0034s_0002_2_Basil_Fernando_credit_Wolfgang Schmidt

Basil Fernando / AHRC laureates

Right Livelihood Award Foundation releases new documentary about Nnimmo Bassey media 15/08/2014

No podemos volver a estar como est‡bamos Los palestinos exigimos que se nos reconozca como seres humanos media 13/08/2014

Joan Garces: ÒAlegr’a y esperanza para todos aquellos que en el mundo se inspiran en las AbuelasÓ media 06/08/2014

Laureates sign declaration on Gaza: “They are also our children.” media 25/07/2014

Declaration by Right Livelihood Award Laureates on Gaza media

Gaza: “Violence has gone too long” – Raji Sourani media 13/07/2014

US icon and first Right Livelihood Award Recipient Stephen Gaskin passes away media 02/07/2014

Global experts call on Nigerian and Congolese governments to clean up oil spills and cancel exploration permits in Virunga National Park media 26/06/2014

Zurich to become a blue community media 13/06/2014

Regional Conference Egypt media 02/06/2014

Theo van Boven turns 80 media 26/05/2014

Malaysian workers’ rights champion Irene Fernandez passes away media 31/03/2014

2014-02-03 Justice, the greatest debt of Paraguay’s democracy – an interview with Mart’n Almada media 30/01/2014

30 Years of MST – Remembering C’cero Guedes media 24/01/2014

Award Ceremony media 02/12/2013

The significance of Right Livelihood Award for the 2013 Laureates media 28/11/2013

Upcoming: Award ceremony and programme media 21/11/2013

Right Livelihood Award Foundation releases new documentary about Ruth Manorama media 18/11/2013

Right Livelihood Laureates and members of World Future Council demand immediate release of Greenpeace activists media 10/11/2013

Right Livelihood Laureates and members World Future Council demand immediate release of Greenpeace activits media 08/11/2013

Right Livelihood Award Foundation organised Solidarity Visit to India media 21/10/2013

University of Milenaria distinguished Manfred Max-Neef with honorary degree media 14/10/2013

India Solidarity Visit media 13/10/2013

2013 Laureates Announced media 26/09/2013

Announcement Laureates 2013 media


Raji Sourani laureates 23/08/2013

Laureates featured images_0033s_0001_1_Denis_Mukwege_credit_Wolfgang_Schmidt

Denis Mukwege laureates

2012 Annual Report published! media 18/07/2013

Laureates at Regional Conference in Bogot‡ condemn violence against indigenous, small farmers and social movement leaders media 08/07/2013

Hissne HabrŽ to face war crimes trial media 02/07/2013

Regional Conference of Latin American Laureates in Bogota media 26/06/2013

Daniel Ellsberg speaks out for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden media 11/06/2013

Former dictator R’os Montt’s genocide verdict annulled media 24/05/2013

Ecuador rejected ASO’s offer to co-host the 2014 Dakar Rally media 20/05/2013

Laureates sign petition in protection of Klaus Hšnniger media

Survival and CIMI call upon IACHR to save the Aw‡ media 07/05/2013

Laureates sign petition directed to government of Peru media 24/04/2013

Reports from 3rd and 4th day of solidarity visit in Brazil media 05/04/2013

Reports from solidarity visit in Brazil media 03/04/2013

RLA solidarity visit to Brazil media 26/03/2013

RLA solidarity visit for Brazilian activists media 25/03/2013

New attempts of uprooting Bushmen media 22/03/2013

RLC Bonn call for workshop scholarschips media 13/03/2013

CPT: Ongoing attacks and death threats media 19/02/2013

Attacks and death threats put members of CPT in Brazil at risk media

Success for Survival International as gas giant backtracks media 15/02/2013

Indigenous tribes in Peru threatened by oil exploration media 12/02/2013

Jacqueline Moudeina to represent victims in HabréŽ trial media 11/02/2013

Condemning the murder of Cícero Guedes media 01/02/2013

MST leader Cícero Guedes killed media 31/01/2013

20 years ago: Mart’n Almada discovers Archives of Terror media 22/12/2012

Bianca Jagger says UN COP 18 climate talks fail to “turn down the heat” media 17/12/2012

CAAT calls for investigation of use of Swedish weapons in Burma military operations media 12/12/2012

The 2012 Award Week media 10/12/2012

Laureates’ statements and use of prize money media 06/12/2012

Swami Agnivesh attacked in Bhopal media 03/12/2012

Memorial defies the law on “foreign agents” media 23/11/2012

New Book – Photo series about Right Livelihood Award Laureates media 19/11/2012

Turkish Laureate on Trial media 14/11/2012

Medha Patkar arrested media 06/11/2012

Calling for Medha Patkar to be freed media

Some updates on SEKEM’s activities media 19/10/2012

RLA Solidarity Visit to Chad media

New video portraits available media 15/10/2012

2012 Right Livelihood Awards announced!! media 27/09/2012

Announcement of the 2012 Laureates media

Statement by Memorial on the Law on “Foreign Agents” media 21/09/2012

Upcoming Award Announcement media 18/09/2012

The Silenced Majority: new book by Amy Goodman media 03/09/2012

Laureates featured images_0032s_0001_Gene Sharp

Gene Sharp laureates 23/08/2012

Laureates featured images_0032s_0000_CAAT

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) laureates

Laureates featured images_0032s_0003_Sima Simar

Sima Samar laureates

Land grabbing in focus media 18/06/2012

Land grabbing seminar media 07/06/2012

Back Seat Heroes – Photo Exhibition about our Laureates media 24/05/2012

Uri Avnery comments on Administrative Detention media 24/02/2012

NGOs want Hissne HabrŽ extradited to Belgium media 25/01/2012

Senegal refuses to extradite Hissène HabrŽé media 17/01/2012

Indigenous chief killed by gunmen media 25/11/2011

16th Anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s killing media 11/11/2011

2011 Award Announcement media 30/09/2011

Recipients in Stockholm media 29/09/2011

Award Announcement media

Water supply for Kalahari Bushmen media 07/09/2011

Laureates featured images_0031s_0003_JacquelineMoudeina_2011_c_KarlGabor

Jacqueline Moudeina laureates 23/08/2011

Laureates featured images_0031s_0000_GRAIN_2011_c_KarlGabor

GRAIN laureates

Laureates featured images_0031s_0002_InaMayGaskin2_c_KarlGabor

Ina May Gaskin laureates

Memorial chairman cleared of charges media 16/06/2011

Pentagon Papers officially released media 13/06/2011

Rachel Avnery 1932 – 2011 media 23/05/2011

Stop the Patagonian Megadams media 06/05/2011

Juliano Mer-Khamis killed media 04/04/2011

World Water Day media 22/03/2011

Daniel Ellsberg arrested media 21/03/2011

International Women’s Day media 08/03/2011

Nomination deadline comes closer! media 04/02/2011

Shell hearing in Dutch Parliament media 27/01/2011

Right to water – victory in court media

European of the Year 2011 media 13/01/2011

Nnimmo Bassey (Nigeria, RLA 2010) detained and later released media 20/12/2010

2010 Ceremony online media 19/12/2010

2010 Ceremony: Change from the grassroots media 07/12/2010

Upcoming: The 2010 Award Ceremony media 01/12/2010

COP16 to kick off in Cancun today media 30/11/2010

2010 Laureates’ public program online media 22/11/2010

Remember Ken Saro-Wiwa media 10/11/2010

What you always wanted to ask media 28/10/2010

Ruchama Marton (Israel, RLA 2010) is interviewed by the BBC media

Sign petition to help the Kalahari’s Bushmen media 22/10/2010

2010 Right Livelihood Awards media 30/09/2010

Day three of the Anniversary Conference media 18/09/2010

Democracy Now! in Bonn media 17/09/2010

The 30th Anniversary Conference commences media 16/09/2010

Day two of the Anniversary Conference media

Laureates sign open letter to Botswana President media 04/09/2010

Laureates featured images_0030s_0000_2_Assembley with Indigineous People

Erwin Kräutler laureates 23/08/2010

Laureates featured images_0030s_0003_7_Shreekrishna

Shrikrishna Upadhyay / SAPPROS laureates

Laureates featured images_0030s_0002_3_Ruchama Marton

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel laureates

Maude Barlow condemns Botswana’s treatment of Bushmen media 05/08/2010

Maude Barlow about UN declaration on right to water media 30/07/2010

First People of the Kalahari denied access to water media 21/07/2010

Maude Barlow advocating for right to water media 15/07/2010

News from the Right Livelihood College media 09/06/2010

First People of the Kalahari (Botswana, RLA 2005) media 08/06/2010

Mordechai Vanunu (Israel, RLA 1987) media 16/05/2010

Auction to support the Right Livelihood Award media 26/04/2010

Maude Barlow (Canada, RLA 2005) media 21/04/2010

Amy Goodman (USA, RLA 2008) media 24/03/2010

Vandana Shiva (India, RLA 1993) media 07/03/2010

Survival International (UK, RLA 1989) media 26/02/2010

Right Livelihood Council media 02/02/2010

Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004) media

Nicanor Perlas (Phillipines, RLA 2003) media 14/01/2010

Right Livelihood Award Foundation media 09/12/2009

Right Livelihood Award Foundation media 03/12/2009

Survival International (RLA 1989) media 23/11/2009

Why Israel won’t attack Iran media 22/11/2009

SEWA / Ela Bhatt (India, RLA 1984) media 17/11/2009

Suvival International (UK, RLA 1989) media 05/11/2009

The Chipko Movement (India, RLA 1987) media 03/11/2009

Narmada Bachao Andolan (India, RLA 1991) media 29/10/2009

Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004) media 22/10/2009

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi (Kenya, RLA 2007) media

Press release October 13th media 13/10/2009

Press release 13 Oct 2009 media 12/10/2009

RLA Press Release Oct 5th 2009 media 05/10/2009

Asha Hagi (Somalia, RLA 2008) media 25/09/2009

Daniel Ellsberg (USA, RLA 2006) media 14/09/2009

SEWA (India, RLA 1984) media 07/09/2009

Munir (Indonesia, RLA 2000) media

Laureates featured images_0029s_0002_David Suzuki-1917

David Suzuki laureates 23/08/2009

Laureates featured images_0029s_0000_Hamlin

Catherine Hamlin laureates

FPK & Survival International media 06/08/2009

Martin Almada (Paraguay, RLA 2002) media 31/07/2009

Vandana Shiva (India, RLA 1993) media

Bianca Jagger (Nicaragua, RLA 2004) media 28/07/2009

Raœl Montenegro (Argentina, RLA 2004) media 26/01/2009

Amory Lovins media 22/01/2009

Laureates featured images_0028s_0003_2008 - Jagannathan

Krishnammal and Sankaralingam Jagannathan / LAFTI laureates 23/08/2008

Laureates featured images_0028s_0001_Asha Hagi

Asha Hagi Elmi laureates

Laureates featured images_0028s_0002_Portrait_Monika_Hauser_Nr._8_medica_mondiale

Monika Hauser laureates

Laureates featured images_0027s_0004_2007 - Weeramantry

Christopher Weeramantry laureates 23/08/2007

Laureates featured images_0027s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Abdi90

Dekha Abdi laureates

Laureates featured images_0026s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Whitaker Ferreira320

Chico Whitaker Ferreira laureates 23/08/2006

Laureates featured images_0026s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Manorama1336

Ruth Manorama laureates

Laureates featured images_0025s_0001_2005 - Tony Clarke_Maude Barlow 1

Tony Clarke laureates 23/08/2005

Laureates featured images_0025s_0002_2005 - Irene Fernandez 1

Irene Fernandez laureates

Laureates featured images_0025s_0003_2005 - Roy Sesana 1

Roy Sesana / First People of the Kalahari laureates

Laureates featured images_0024s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Agnivesh1495

Swami Agnivesh laureates 23/08/2004

Laureates featured images_0024s_0004_04Memorial

Memorial laureates

Laureates featured images_0024s_0003_2004_-_Bianca_Jagger

Bianca Jagger laureates

Laureates featured images_0025s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Montenegro2564

Raúl Montenegro laureates

Laureates featured images_0023s_0001_2003 - Walden Bello

Walden Bello laureates 23/08/2003

Laureates featured images_0022s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Harushimana9991

Centre Jeunes Kamenge (CJK) laureates 23/08/2002


Kvinna till Kvinna laureates

Laureates featured images_0022s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Almada110

Martín Almada laureates

Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

José Antonio Abreu laureates 23/08/2001

2001 - Gush Shalom_Uri & Rachel Avnery - demonstration 2

Uri and Rachel Avnery / Gush Shalom laureates

Laureates featured images_0020s_0003_portrait. Munir

Munir laureates 23/08/2000


Birsel Lemke laureates

Laureates featured images_0019s_0001_portrait.Juan Garces

Juan Garcés laureates 23/08/1999

Laureates featured images_0019s_0003_1999 - COAMA_Martin von Hildebrandt

Consolidation of the Amazon Region (COAMA) laureates

Laureates featured images_0018s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Orrego2213

Juan Pablo Orrego / Grupo de Acción por el Biobío (GABB) laureates 23/08/1998

Laureates featured images_0018s_0002_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Kruhonja1009

Katarina Kruhonja laureates

Laureates featured images_0018s_0004_portrait.Vesna Terselic

Vesna Terselic laureates


The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia (CSMR) laureates 23/08/1996

Laureates featured images_0015s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Biro737

András Biró / Hungarian Foundation for Self-Reliance laureates 23/08/1995

Laureates featured images_0015s_0002_portrait. SCC_Mirko Pejanovic

Serb Civic Council laureates

Laureates featured images_0015s_0001_1995 - Carmel Budiardjo_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Carmel Budiardjo laureates

Laureates featured images_0014s_0000_1994 - SERVOL_Father Pantin

Servol (Service Volunteered for All) laureates 23/08/1994

Laureates featured images_0014s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Sudarshan950

Hanumappa R. Sudarshan / VGKK laureates

Laureates featured images_0014s_0002_portrait.Ken Saro-Wiwa

Ken Saro-Wiwa / Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People laureates

Laureates featured images_0013s_0000_1993 - Carrie Dann

Mary and Carrie Dann of the Western Shoshone Nation laureates 23/08/1993

Laureates featured images_0013s_0001_1993 - Arna Mer-Khamis

Arna Mer-Khamis laureates

Laureates featured images_0013s_0002_portrait.ORAP

Organisation of Rural Associations for Progress (ORAP) laureates


Zafrullah Chowdhury / Gonoshasthaya Kendra laureates 23/08/1992

Laureates featured images_0012s_0004_portrait.Helen Mack

Helen Mack Chang laureates

Laureates featured images_0011s_0004_1991 - Narmada Bachao Andolan_Medha Patkar

Medha Patkar and Baba Amte / Narmada Bachao Andolan laureates 23/08/1991

Laureates featured images_0011s_0001_1991 - Marie-Therese Danielsson

Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson laureates

Laureates featured images_0011s_0000_portrait.CPT_Jorge Marskell

Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT) laureates

Laureates featured images_0011s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Campigotto9543

Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra (MST) laureates


Bernard Lédéa Ouédraogo laureates 23/08/1990

Laureates featured images_0010s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Hernandez1822

Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos del Carare (ATCC) laureates

Laureates featured images_0010s_0001_portrait- Felicia Langer

Felicia Langer laureates

Laureates featured images_0009s_0002_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Corry509

Survival laureates 23/08/1989

Laureates featured images_0008s_0000_1988 Inge Genefke_Salzb05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Inge Genefke / Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims laureates 23/08/1988

Laureates featured images_0008s_0002_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Hamid1507

Sahabat Alam Malaysia – Sarawak (SAM) laureates

Laureates featured images_0007s_0000_1987 - Sunderlal Bahuguna &wife_Salzb05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

The Chipko Movement laureates 23/08/1987

Laureates featured images_0007s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Moore Lappe2408

Frances Moore-Lappé / Institute for Food and Development Policy laureates

Laureates featured images_0007s_0004_portrait.Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu laureates

Laureates featured images_0006s_0003_portrait. Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan 1

Evaristo Nugkuag Ikanan laureates 23/08/1986

Laureates featured images_0005s_0002_1985 - Lokayan-Rajenda Ravi_Salzb05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Lokayan laureates 23/08/1985

Laureates featured images_0005s_0004_portrait.Theo van Boven

Theo van Boven laureates

Laureates featured images_0004s_0003_Ela Bhatt_Self-Employed Women's Association

Ela Bhatt / Self-Employed Women’s Association laureates 23/08/1984


Winefreda Geonzon / FREE LAVA laureates

Laureates featured images_0003s_0004_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Max Neef9757

Manfred Max-Neef / CEPAUR laureates 23/08/1983

Laureates featured images_0002s_0002_1982 - Petra Kelly

Petra Kelly laureates 23/08/1982

Laureates featured images_0002s_0000_portrait.Erik Dammann

Erik Dammann / The Future in Our Hands laureates

Laureates featured images_0002s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Fazal1705

Anwar Fazal laureates

Laureates featured images_0002s_0003_portrait. PIDA_Wilfred Karunaratne

Participatory Institute for Development Alternatives (PIDA) laureates

Laureates featured images_0001s_0002_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Rensburg717

Patrick van Rensburg laureates 23/08/1981

Laureates featured images_0000s_0000_1980 - Jakob von Uexkull & Hassan Fathy

Hassan Fathy laureates 23/08/1980

Laureates featured images_0000s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Schweitzer2694

Stephen Gaskin / Plenty International laureates