Peace, Democracy and Law

The Right Livelihood Foundation strongly condemns crackdown on Belarusian human rights activists and organisations media 17/02/2021

The Foundation deplores US recognition of Moroccan claim over Western Sahara media 15/12/2020

Ordenan regresar a prisión a la premiada activista iraní Nasrin Sotoudeh media 02/12/2020

International Day For the Elimination of Violence Against Women – Right Livelihood Laureates at the Forefront of the Shadow Pandemic media 25/11/2020

Congresistas alemanes exigen la liberación permanente de la abogada iraní Nasrin Sotoudeh media 12/11/2020

German parliamentarians demand permanent release of Iranian lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh media

251 NGOs decry UN’s disregard and neglect of the people of Western Sahara media 06/11/2020

Belarus: Human Rights Center “Viasna” faces persecution, as crackdown on protests continues media 04/11/2020

HRC45: Intimidation and reprisals against human rights defenders engaging with the United Nations, the case of Morocco media 02/10/2020

Morocco and Western Sahara: Stop the smear campaign and prosecution of Aminatou Haidar and Sahrawi activists media 30/09/2020

Open Letter to the United Nations Secretary General on the situation in Western Sahara media 18/09/2020

HRC45: Concern over UN silence on Western Sahara media 16/09/2020

Right Livelihood Foundation and Survival International call on Brazilian government to protect indigenous peoples media 12/03/2020

Saudi Arabia must stop using counter terrorism laws to crackdown on peaceful critics media 05/03/2020

Activists in Colombia exceedingly endangered 30 years after leaders of ‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureate organisation were killed media 25/02/2020

A 30 años del asesinato de sus líderes, organización campesina premiada con “Nobel Alternativo” exige justicia y reparación media

“No más violaciones a los derechos humanos en Chile”, piden los laureados del Premio Right Livelihood media 07/11/2019

Right Livelihood Award Laureates call to end human rights violations in Chile media

Aminatou Haidar laureates 25/09/2019

Guo Jianmei laureates

Unfinished Business: International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala dismantled media 03/09/2019

#FreeWaleed: 5 years on from his sentencing, join us in calling for the release of Saudi prisoner of conscience Waleed Abu al-Khair media 05/07/2019

Egypt must lift the travel ban imposed on Ms Hassan media 03/07/2019

Russia must stop repressing fundamental freedoms media 02/07/2019

The Global Campus of Human Rights enters into new educational partnership with the Right Livelihood Foundation media 05/06/2019

Mukwege Foundation Impacts UN Human Rights Review of Democratic Republic of the Congo media 21/05/2019

Parlamentarios alemanes ven con preocupación el proceso electoral de Guatemala media 15/05/2019

German Parliamentarians Concerned about the Electoral Process in Guatemala media

Five Years since Saudi Right Livelihood Award Laureate was Imprisoned media 15/04/2019

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureate Runs for President in Guatemala media 14/03/2019

Chechnya must acquit Mr Oyub Titiev of the fabricated criminal charges media 13/03/2019

“Hay una violencia que es histórica: la indiferencia del Estado” media 08/03/2019

“We don’t only need women in positions of power, we need feminist women” media

“We are experiencing a women’s revolution” media

Final Nail in the Coffin for Press Freedom in Turkey? media 20/02/2019

Khadija Ismayilova wins case against Azerbaijan media 11/01/2019

The government of Guatemala must be held accountable for the safety of a hundred members of CICIG media 09/01/2019

Responsabilizan al gobierno de Guatemala por la seguridad de un centenar de miembros de la CICIG media 08/01/2019

20th anniversary of the arrest of dictator Augusto Pinochet media 16/10/2018

“Perseguir a los responsables de crímenes de lesa humanidad es una necesidad de interés colectivo” media

2018 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Announced media 24/09/2018

Thelma Aldana & Iván Velásquez laureates

Turkish opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet hijacked by Erdoğan loyalists media 09/09/2018

Israeli peace activist Uri Avnery has passed away media 20/08/2018

After a successful evacuation process, hundreds of White Helmets volunteers remain in Syria under growing danger media 27/07/2018

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation strongly condemns the violence perpetrated against Swami Agnivesh media 18/07/2018

Turkey vs Freedom of the Press media 29/06/2018

Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns Felicia Langer media 26/06/2018

Right Livelihood Award Laureates stand with Human Rights Centre Memorial media 14/06/2018

29 Laureates Sign Petition in Support of White Helmets and Ceasefire in Syria media 27/03/2018

The solution to corruption is more transparency – UN must act now media 28/02/2018

Celebrate World Day of Social Justice by proposing an exemplary change maker for the 2018 Right Livelihood Award media 20/02/2018

Pakistan’s leading human rights lawyer and Alternative Nobel Laureate Asma Jahangir has passed away media 11/02/2018

Journalism is Not a Crime media 02/11/2017

44 Right Livelihood Award Laureates: Dismiss the Case Against Thailand’s Sulak Sivaraksa media 25/10/2017

Robert Bilott laureates 26/09/2017

Khadija Ismayilova laureates

Yetnebersh Nigussie laureates

Released from Jail, ‘Alternative Nobel’ Medha Patkar Still Faces Charges of Kidnapping in India’s Dam Protest media 25/08/2017

The World Loses Climate and Nuclear Disarmament Champion Tony de Brum media 22/08/2017

Turkey Must Act on UN Experts’ Call to Free Cumhuriyet Journalists media 19/07/2017

Zonas de tránsito a la vida civil reciben al 27° festival de poesía de Medellín media 10/07/2017

Solidarité avec Cumhuriyet à Genève media 31/05/2017

Journalism grant scheme to report on ‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureates launched media 03/05/2017

An Indictment Against Democracy in Turkey media 06/04/2017

The White Helmets on Screen media 23/02/2017

21 Years After the War, Bosnian Rape Survivors Still Grapple with Trauma and Stigma media 14/12/2016

Premios “Nobel Alternativo” de Chile rinden homenaje a Douglas Tompkins a un año de su muerte media 08/12/2016

Chile reúne a cinco premiados con el “Nobel Alternativo” media 05/12/2016

‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureates from Egypt and Turkey Barred from Travel, Behind Bars Despite UN Support media 24/11/2016

Roma Rights Under Threat Across Europe media 01/11/2016

Statement by the Right Livelihood Award Foundation on the detention of Cumhuriyet staff media 31/10/2016

Syria Civil Defence laureates 22/09/2016

Cumhuriyet laureates

Snowden: A Reluctant Celebrity media 16/09/2016

Los Juegos Ol’mpicos son una vergŸenza para Brasil media 10/08/2016

International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: Dignity Comes First media 24/06/2016

Speaker’s decision to block the ‘Alternative Nobel’ from Parliament shows bias, says Right Livelihood Award chief media 08/06/2016

Violence sexuelle en Afrique : Des tendances à inverser media 25/05/2016

Sexual Violence in Africa: Reversing the Trends media

Riksdagens talman vill porta Right Livelihood-priset media 21/05/2016

The Award’s Future in Parliament Under Threat media

The Chernobyl Secret Protocols: Lies in the Aftermath of Disaster media 26/04/2016

Denis Mukwege: Rape As A Weapon Of War In The Democratic Republic of Congo media 20/04/2016

Foundation, Laureate Condemn Killings of Landless Workers in Brazil media 14/04/2016

Crime against landless workers rampant as Brazil descends into political crisis media

Hate Speech: A New Strategy Against Human Rights Defenders media 23/03/2016

Laureates petition against impunity following the murder of activist Berta Caceres media 09/03/2016

Laureate Leads Historic Nuclear Disarmament Hearings at ICJ media 07/03/2016

Airways for Good: Celebrating World Radio Day media 13/02/2016

Laureates Issue Open Letter to King of Saudi Arabia media 12/02/2016

One Month Left Until 1 March Nomination Deadline media 02/02/2016

Award Ceremony: 2015 Laureates call for climate leadership and putting an end to war and discrimination media 30/11/2015

Media opportunity: Austrian pop artist and worldwide LGBTI icon Conchita Wurst will meet with 2015 Laureate Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera in Stockholm media 23/11/2015

Employees of Afghanistan Indepedent Human Rights Commission Killed In Explosion media 29/10/2015

RLA 2015 Laureates announced media 01/10/2015

Upcoming announcement of the 2015 Laureates media 10/09/2015

Tony de Brum & the People of the Marshall Islands laureates 23/08/2015

Kasha Jacqueline Nabagesera laureates

Gino Strada / EMERGENCY laureates

Laureates Show Solidarity with Patkar’s Protest media 14/08/2015

Por tercer a–o consecutivo, Brasil encabeza ranking mundial de asesinatos de l’deres sociales y ambientales media 17/07/2015

NSA surveillance programme reformed by new legislation media 03/06/2015

Right Livelihood Award Laureates condemn incitement to murder Swami Agnivesh media 18/05/2015

Inauguration of Munir Street in The Hague: Suciwati calls on President to resolve Munir murder media 13/04/2015

Swedish parliamentarians visit Edward Snowden in Moscow media 27/03/2015

Right Livelihood Laureates petition the Federal Government of Nigeria over Ogoni environment clean-up media 11/03/2015

Regional Conference close in Mumbai media 07/03/2015

Jumanda Gakelebone in South Africa to discuss hunting ban media 28/02/2015

Laureate elected to district council in Botswana media 18/02/2015

Regional Conference in Mumbai Announced media 17/02/2015

The impact of the 2014 Right Livelihood Awards media 28/11/2014

Solidarity Mission – RLA delegation returns from Gaza media 05/11/2014

RLA solidarity mission to Gaza media 30/10/2014

RLA Delegation calls on Brazilian Presidential Candidates media 29/09/2014

Laureates’ reactions to Right Livelihood Awards: “We have something to protect” media 25/09/2014

2014 Laureates announced media 24/09/2014

Jakob von Uexkull honoured by Swedish government media 28/08/2014

Edward Snowden laureates 23/08/2014

Alan Rusbridger laureates

Asma Jahangir laureates

Basil Fernando / AHRC laureates

No podemos volver a estar como est‡bamos Los palestinos exigimos que se nos reconozca como seres humanos media 13/08/2014

Joan Garces: ÒAlegr’a y esperanza para todos aquellos que en el mundo se inspiran en las AbuelasÓ media 06/08/2014

Laureates sign declaration on Gaza: “They are also our children.” media 25/07/2014

Declaration by Right Livelihood Award Laureates on Gaza media

Gaza: “Violence has gone too long” – Raji Sourani media 13/07/2014

Regional Conference Egypt media 02/06/2014

Theo van Boven turns 80 media 26/05/2014

Hans-Peter Duerr passes away media 19/05/2014

Parliaments towards a nuclear weapon free world media 21/03/2014

For nuclear weapons, there are no right hands media 20/03/2014

Abolition: For nuclear weapons, there are no right hands media 14/03/2014

2014-02-03 Justice, the greatest debt of Paraguay’s democracy – an interview with Mart’n Almada media 30/01/2014

30 Years of MST – Remembering C’cero Guedes media 24/01/2014

Paul Walker at Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony honouring OPCW media 11/12/2013

Zafrullah Chowdhury takes part in hunger strike for a peaceful Bangladesh free of political violence media 06/12/2013

Award Ceremony media 02/12/2013

The significance of Right Livelihood Award for the 2013 Laureates media 28/11/2013

Upcoming: Award ceremony and programme media 21/11/2013

Right Livelihood Laureates and members World Future Council demand immediate release of Greenpeace activits media 08/11/2013

OPCW “great choice” for Nobel Peace Prize media 11/10/2013

Announcement Laureates 2013 media 26/09/2013

2013 Laureates Announced media

New RLA documentary – CAAT media 28/08/2013

Paul Walker laureates 23/08/2013

Raji Sourani laureates

Denis Mukwege laureates

2012 Annual Report published! media 18/07/2013

Global coalition warns against nuclear power expansion plans media 16/07/2013

Laureates at Regional Conference in Bogot‡ condemn violence against indigenous, small farmers and social movement leaders media 08/07/2013

Poetry Festival of Medell’n starting today media 06/07/2013

Hissne HabrŽ to face war crimes trial media 02/07/2013

Regional Conference of Latin American Laureates media 01/07/2013

Regional Conference of Latin American Laureates in Bogota media 26/06/2013

Daniel Ellsberg speaks out for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden media 11/06/2013

New web app from CAAT reveals EU arms export info media 31/05/2013

Former dictator R’os Montt’s genocide verdict annulled media 24/05/2013

Laureates sign petition in protection of Klaus Hšnniger media 20/05/2013

Asghar Ali Engineer passes away media 14/05/2013

Asghar Ali Engineer passes away media

Survival and CIMI call upon IACHR to save the Aw‡ media 07/05/2013

100 years Robert Jungk media 03/05/2013

Reports from 3rd and 4th day of solidarity visit in Brazil media 05/04/2013

RLA solidarity visit to Brazil media 26/03/2013

RLA solidarity visit for Brazilian activists media 25/03/2013

New attempts of uprooting Bushmen media 22/03/2013

Sulak Sivaraksa participated in Thai TV Monarchy debate media

Trident Ploughshares organises disarmament camp Aug 26 – Sep 7 media 14/03/2013

Several Laureates signed open letter in support of ongoing Columbian peace process media 18/02/2013

Sankaralingam Jagannathan passes away at age of 100 media 12/02/2013

Sankaralingam Jagannathan passed away media

Jacqueline Moudeina to represent victims in HabréŽ trial media 11/02/2013

MST leader Cícero Guedes killed media 31/01/2013

20 years ago: Mart’n Almada discovers Archives of Terror media 22/12/2012

CAAT calls for investigation of use of Swedish weapons in Burma military operations media 12/12/2012

The 2012 Award Week media 10/12/2012

Laureates’ statements and use of prize money media 06/12/2012

Swami Agnivesh attacked in Bhopal media 03/12/2012

Memorial defies the law on “foreign agents” media 23/11/2012

Karaca’s court trial media 20/11/2012

Medha Patkar arrested media 06/11/2012

RLA Solidarity Visit to Chad media 19/10/2012

New video portraits available media 15/10/2012

CAAT Protests end National Gallery’s arms trade links media 11/10/2012

2012 Right Livelihood Awards announced!! media 27/09/2012

Announcement of the 2012 Laureates media

Statement by Memorial on the Law on “Foreign Agents” media 21/09/2012

Memorial condemns new Russian law media

Upcoming Award Announcement media 18/09/2012

The Silenced Majority: new book by Amy Goodman media 03/09/2012

Hissène HabréŽ: Senegal and AU agree on special tribune media 27/08/2012

Gene Sharp laureates 23/08/2012

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) laureates

Sima Samar laureates

Chico Whitaker warns of ‘nuclear two class society’ media 17/08/2012

World Nuclear Industry Status Report 2012 published media 10/07/2012

Land grabbing in focus media 18/06/2012

Disarmament for Sustainable Developement media 28/05/2012

Back Seat Heroes – Photo Exhibition about our Laureates media 24/05/2012

The Economies of the Commons media 10/05/2012

Anti-nuclear action impact in Korea media 13/03/2012

Uri Avnery comments on Administrative Detention media 24/02/2012

NGOs want Hissne HabrŽ extradited to Belgium media 25/01/2012

16th Anniversary of Ken Saro-Wiwa’s killing media 11/11/2011

Article in German Handelsblatt media 07/10/2011

2011 Award Announcement media 30/09/2011

Recipients in Stockholm media 29/09/2011

Award Announcement media

Wangar Maathai passes away media 26/09/2011

Jacqueline Moudeina laureates 23/08/2011

Asha Hagi Elmi: Help Somalia’s starving people media 01/08/2011

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi 1964 – 2011 media 14/07/2011

Pentagon Papers officially released media 13/06/2011

Rachel Avnery 1932 – 2011 media 23/05/2011

Juliano Mer-Khamis killed media 04/04/2011

Daniel Ellsberg arrested media 21/03/2011

Chilean government defered to US demands media 09/03/2011

International Women’s Day media 08/03/2011

Nomination deadline comes closer! media 04/02/2011

European of the Year 2011 media 13/01/2011

2010 Ceremony online media 19/12/2010

2010 Ceremony: Change from the grassroots media 07/12/2010

Upcoming: The 2010 Award Ceremony media 01/12/2010

Christopher Weeramantry launches memoires media 24/11/2010

2010 Laureates’ public program online media 22/11/2010

What you always wanted to ask media 28/10/2010

Ruchama Marton (Israel, RLA 2010) is interviewed by the BBC media

Ellsberg interview on release of Iraq War docs media 23/10/2010

2010 Right Livelihood Awards media 30/09/2010

Day three of the Anniversary Conference media 18/09/2010

Democracy Now! in Bonn media 17/09/2010

The 30th Anniversary Conference commences media 16/09/2010

Day two of the Anniversary Conference media

Physicians for Human Rights – Israel laureates 23/08/2010

First People of the Kalahari denied access to water media 21/07/2010

First People of the Kalahari (Botswana, RLA 2005) media 08/06/2010

Mordechai Vanunu (Israel, RLA 1987) media 16/05/2010

Auction to support the Right Livelihood Award media 26/04/2010

Alyn Ware (New Zealand, RLA 2009) media 07/04/2010

Amy Goodman (USA, RLA 2008) media 24/03/2010

Vandana Shiva (India, RLA 1993) media 07/03/2010

Angie Zelter on tour in Sweden media 16/02/2010

Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004) media 02/02/2010

Nicanor Perlas (Phillipines, RLA 2003) media 14/01/2010

Right Livelihood Award Foundation media 09/12/2009

Right Livelihood Award Foundation media 03/12/2009

Why Israel won’t attack Iran media 22/11/2009

Alyn Ware (New Zealand, RLA 2009) media 06/11/2009

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi (Kenya, RLA 2007) media 22/10/2009

Memorial (Russia, RLA 2004) media

Press release October 13th media 13/10/2009

Press release 13 Oct 2009 media 12/10/2009

Juan Garcés (Spain, RLA 1999) media 07/10/2009

RLA Press Release Oct 5th 2009 media 05/10/2009

Asha Hagi (Somalia, RLA 2008) media 25/09/2009

Daniel Ellsberg (USA, RLA 2006) media 14/09/2009

Munir (Indonesia, RLA 2000) media 07/09/2009

Alyn Ware laureates 23/08/2009

FPK & Survival International media 06/08/2009

Martin Almada (Paraguay, RLA 2002) media 31/07/2009

Amory Lovins media 22/01/2009

Dekha Ibrahim Abdi & Herman Daly media 21/01/2009

Krishnammal and Sankaralingam Jagannathan / LAFTI laureates 23/08/2008

Amy Goodman laureates

Asha Hagi Elmi laureates

Percy and Louise Schmeiser laureates 23/08/2007

Christopher Weeramantry laureates

Dekha Abdi laureates

Chico Whitaker Ferreira laureates 23/08/2006

Daniel Ellsberg laureates

Ruth Manorama laureates

Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín laureates

Irene Fernandez laureates 23/08/2005

Roy Sesana / First People of the Kalahari laureates

David Suzuki steps off board of directors media 25/04/2005

Swami Agnivesh laureates 23/08/2004

Asghar Ali Engineer laureates

Memorial laureates

Bianca Jagger laureates

Walden Bello laureates 23/08/2003

Citizens’ Coalition for Economic Justice (CCEJ) laureates

David Lange laureates

Centre Jeunes Kamenge (CJK) laureates 23/08/2002

Kvinna till Kvinna laureates

Martín Almada laureates

Uri and Rachel Avnery / Gush Shalom laureates 23/08/2001

Trident Ploughshares laureates

Munir laureates 23/08/2000

Juan Garcés laureates 23/08/1999

Katarina Kruhonja laureates 23/08/1998

Vesna Terselic laureates

International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) laureates

Samuel Epstein laureates

Jinzaburo Takagi laureates 23/08/1997

Cindy Duehring laureates

The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia (CSMR) laureates 23/08/1996

András Biró / Hungarian Foundation for Self-Reliance laureates 23/08/1995

Serb Civic Council laureates

Carmel Budiardjo laureates

Sulak Sivaraksa laureates

Astrid Lindgren laureates 23/08/1994

Mary and Carrie Dann of the Western Shoshone Nation laureates 23/08/1993

Arna Mer-Khamis laureates

Kylätoiminta / Finnish Village Action laureates 23/08/1992

Helen Mack Chang laureates

Marie-Thérèse and Bengt Danielsson laureates 23/08/1991

Senator Jeton Anjain / The Rongelap People laureates

Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT) laureates

Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais sem Terra (MST) laureates

Alice Tepper Marlin laureates 23/08/1990

Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos del Carare (ATCC) laureates

Felicia Langer laureates

Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Cooperative laureates 23/08/1989

Inge Genefke / Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims laureates 23/08/1988

Sahabat Alam Malaysia – Sarawak (SAM) laureates

Hans-Peter Dürr laureates 23/08/1987

Johan Galtung laureates

Frances Moore-Lappé / Institute for Food and Development Policy laureates

Mordechai Vanunu laureates

Robert Jungk laureates 23/08/1986

Janos Vargha / Duna Kör laureates 23/08/1985

Theo van Boven laureates

Imane Khalifeh laureates 23/08/1984

Ela Bhatt / Self-Employed Women’s Association laureates

Winefreda Geonzon / FREE LAVA laureates

Wangari Maathai laureates

High Chief Ibedul Gibbons and the people of Belau laureates 23/08/1983

Petra Kelly laureates 23/08/1982

Anwar Fazal laureates

Mike Cooley laureates 23/08/1981