Youth and Education

Ashram at the newly opened Right Livelihood College Campus in Bangkok, Thailand

Right Livelihood College Opens New Campus in Thailand media 20/07/2018

Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

Right Livelihood Award Foundation mourns José Antonio Abreu media 25/03/2018

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Celebrate World Day of Social Justice by proposing an exemplary change maker for the 2018 Right Livelihood Award media 20/02/2018

Colin Gonsalves, Yetnebersh Nigussie, Robert Bilott © Wolfgang Schmidt

2017 Right Livelihood Award Laureates Create Real Change for Millions of People media 01/12/2017

Alternativer Nobelpreis 2010 - Treffen der Preisträger zum 30 jährigen Jubiläum - kursWechseln Konferenz in Bonn - Foto: Wolfgang Schmidt - www. wolfgang-schmidt - 18.9.2010 - The Right Livelihood Award -  Laureates - October 2010 - Photo: Wolfgang Schmidt Germany  Rensburg, Patrick van, South Africa

Remembering Apartheid Critic and Educator Patrick van Rensburg media 24/05/2017

7_Nnimmo Bassey surrounded by Journalists

Journalism grant scheme to report on ‘Alternative Nobel’ Laureates launched media 03/05/2017

Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

Music Breaks the Chains media 17/06/2016

The Right Livelihood Award Foundation joins AMEC media 01/06/2016

New Right Livelihood College Campus Opens in Argentina media 19/04/2016

Memorial: Dark Memories Bring Light to the Former USSR media 25/02/2016

LUCSUS report on global health and climate change published media 19/05/2015

Parliament seminars in Stockholm media 18/05/2015

Regional Conference close in Mumbai media 07/03/2015

McKibben to hold second Right Livelihood lecture at Santa Cruz media 24/02/2015

Regional Conference in Mumbai Announced media 17/02/2015

US icon and first Right Livelihood Award Recipient Stephen Gaskin passes away media 02/07/2014

Father Gerard Pantin (Founder of SERVOL) passes away media 24/06/2014

Regional Conference Egypt media 02/06/2014

RLC Campus opens at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India media 20/05/2014

First Right Livelihood Lecture at RLC Santa Cruz campus media 24/04/2014

Right Livelihood College establishes campus in California media 25/11/2013

Right Livelihood College extends its reach to Nigeria and North America media 22/11/2013

Right Livelihood College opens first campus in Latin America media 11/11/2013

Right Livelihood College inaugurates Universidad Austral de Chile as the sixth campus media

New Right Livelihood College campus at the University of Port Harcourt media 08/10/2013

Right Livelihood College Campus debuts in Nigeria media

José Antonio Abreu receives the Order of Merit of Duarte, Sanchez and Mella from the Dominican Republic media 02/02/2013

Some updates on SEKEM’s activities media 19/10/2012

“Teaching Right Livelihood” released media 08/10/2012

Laureates featured images_0032s_0002_3Hayrettin-Karaca_Elif-Sezginer

Hayrettin Karaca laureates 23/08/2012

The Economies of the Commons media 10/05/2012

Laureates featured images_0031s_0002_InaMayGaskin2_c_KarlGabor

Ina May Gaskin laureates 23/08/2011

RLC launches PhD Fellowships media 19/01/2011

University launches lecture series on Laureates media 23/11/2010

University of Bonn: Right Livelihood College Campus media 17/09/2010

José Antonio Abreu (Venezuela, RLA 2001) media 30/03/2010

Laureates featured images_0029s_0003_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Ware2657

Alyn Ware laureates 23/08/2009

Laureates featured images_0028s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Goodman1091

Amy Goodman laureates 23/08/2008

Laureates featured images_0026s_0002_2006-Fernando Rendon

Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín laureates 23/08/2006

Laureates featured images_0023s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Perlas2494

Nicanor Perlas laureates 23/08/2003

Laureates featured images_0022s_0001_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Harushimana9991

Centre Jeunes Kamenge (CJK) laureates 23/08/2002

Laureates featured images_0021s_0000_portrait. Jose Antonio Abreu

José Antonio Abreu laureates 23/08/2001

2001 - Gush Shalom_Uri & Rachel Avnery - demonstration 2

Uri and Rachel Avnery / Gush Shalom laureates

Laureates featured images_0021s_0003_2001 - Angie Zelter_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Trident Ploughshares laureates

Laureates featured images_0018s_0001_1998 - Annelies Allain_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN) laureates 23/08/1998

Laureates featured images_0018s_0000_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Epstein1164

Samuel Epstein laureates

Laureates featured images_0017s_0003_1997 - Michael Succow_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

Michael Succow laureates 23/08/1997

Laureates featured images_0017s_0001_portrait.Joseph Ki-Zerbo

Joseph Ki-Zerbo laureates

Laureates featured images_0016s_0000_portrait.Herman Daly

Herman Daly laureates 23/08/1996


The Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia (CSMR) laureates

Laureates featured images_0016s_0001_1996 - Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad_P K Ravindran

Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) laureates

Laureates featured images_0016s_0003_1996 - George Vithoulkas_Salzburg05 (c) RLA Foundation, Ulrike Altekruse

George Vithoulkas laureates

Laureates featured images_0014s_0001_portrait. Astrid Lindgren

Astrid Lindgren laureates 23/08/1994

Laureates featured images_0014s_0000_1994 - SERVOL_Father Pantin

Servol (Service Volunteered for All) laureates

Laureates featured images_0013s_0001_1993 - Arna Mer-Khamis

Arna Mer-Khamis laureates 23/08/1993

Laureates featured images_0012s_0000_portrait.John Gofman 1

John Gofman laureates 23/08/1992

Laureates featured images_0007s_0002_RAW_johan_galtung Higer Definition

Johan Galtung laureates 23/08/1987

Laureates featured images_0005s_0004_portrait.Theo van Boven

Theo van Boven laureates 23/08/1985

Laureates featured images_0004s_0001_portrait.Imane Khalifeh

Imane Khalifeh laureates 23/08/1984


Winefreda Geonzon / FREE LAVA laureates

Laureates featured images_0003s_0002_portrait. Leopold Kohr 1

Leopold Kohr laureates 23/08/1983

Laureates featured images_0003s_0004_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Max Neef9757

Manfred Max-Neef / CEPAUR laureates

Laureates featured images_0003s_0000_portrait.Sir George Trevelyan

George Trevelyan laureates 23/08/1982

Laureates featured images_0001s_0002_WolfgangSchmidt_2010_Rensburg717

Patrick van Rensburg laureates 23/08/1981